Date Published: Nov 26, 2014


I used to make New Years Resolutions.

I would promise myself that I would lose weight or give up sugar or make my bed.

Between you and me I am miserable at making my bed. I love it when the house gets cleaned and the sheets get washed and the bed does get made...it's so nice then. But daily bed making? Ugh. No. Not me. (Love me anyway.) :):)

Oh wait, before I move on and get into New Years Resolutions let me introduce you to the phrase "Love Me Anyway."

It's my little way to signal that I know I may not be the best at something but at least I know it. I am not trying to fool you. I accept my humanity (and imperfection) and my imperfection is not gonna kill you, so love me anyway.

Love me even though I don't make my bed. Love me even though I am going to be a truth teller. Love me even though you may disagree with me.

What would happen if we all used the phrase "love me anyway?" I think the world would be a whole lot happier. And be a lot more lighthearted.

Try it. Go ahead. You have my full permission to use "love me anyway."

Wonder what your holidays would be like if you use this handy phrase? Yes, I am sure some of those lovely relatives of yours will roll their eyes but hey, I bet you'll get a few smiles and giggles too. Try it! 

Anywoo, where was I? New Years Resolutions.

I bet you won't be surprised by the top ten New Years Resolutions folks made for 2014.


Yep. These resolutions are all the things we all want.

I want to be healthy and productive and help others and be in love and be loved. Don't you? We all want the same things at the heart of it all.

We want to matter. We want to give. We want to leave a legacy. We want to be valued and loved. We want to FEEL ALIVE.

And if resolutions help you do that. AWESOME.

But if they don't, it's not you.

Check out these stats.


I want to bring you your attention to the 8%.

Yes, that's right. 8% of people are successful in achieving their resolution.

ONLY 8%!!!

For years, I thought I was a loser that I couldn't keep a resolution. I thought I was lazy or that I wasn't committed enough. Maybe I didn't have the will power to keep going. I was never part of the 8%

Every reason I gave for my failure BLAMED ME.

Do you do that too?

Do you blame yourself for not succeeding at making the changes you want to make? The changes that would make your year and your life better?

Oh I was sooo good at beating myself for what I thought was my weak will power...for DECADES. In fact, MULTIPLE DECADES.

Gosh, I think of the years I wasted putting myself down. Thank God I believe there is no such thing as wasted time.

Now, I know that the 8% knows things I didn't. Things that I will be telling you about in the days ahead. And I want to give you the first thing right now.

The first step I take when I start to prepare for the next year...

So if I don't do New Years Resolutions, what do I do instead?

I create a New Years Intention Statement.

Inherent in Intention Statements is the idea of "practice." At least the way we use Intention here at Fearless Living.

Creating an Intention is using the simple phrase "I am willing to practice ...."

That's what I do every year.

I create a POWERFUL Intention Statement that I use ALL YEAR LONG.

That's right. An Intention Statement that lasts the full year. One that grows with me.

A true Intention Statement goes beyond tasks or to-do's. It asks something of you.

It asks you to become aware and be present. It asks you to notice and pay attention. It asks you to pause before taking action. It asks you to make choices instead of living in should's. It asks you to feel with your heart yet use your head.

A really hot and powerful Intention Statement will set you on a path of change that isn't about willpower or motivation but something much deeper. Something that is based on a yearning from your soul.

This past year my Intention Statement was:

I am willing to practice loving myself within and without in all interactions with myself, and others.

BOY, did that make me grow. I mean, just think about what I wrote. I could keep growing with that Intention Statement for a year or two or more.

Go ahead and start thinking of what could be your best Intention Statement for next year.

What Intention Statement would have you growing like crazy?

I want to hear from you.

Go ahead and leave a comment and tell me the INTENTION STATEMENT that you think might best serve you in the next twelve months.

Which Intention Statement will help you grow with grace and keep you focused on what truly matters?

Share your Intention Statement with me now.

I won't hold you to it. Not yet anyway. Right now, I just want you to practice coming up with an Intention Statement.

Go ahead, leave a comment and let me know what's on your mind.

Tomorrow, I am going to be sending an Mp3 audio clip that will help you move through your family gatherings this holiday season (so be sure to sign up for the mailing list here).

It's an excerpt from an Inner Circle Call that we had before the holidays.

One of the women was wondering how to keep her head held high dealing with her family. Perhaps it will support you.

If you’re not on my list already, be sure to add yourself here, and check your inbox tomorrow morning. Listen to the audio excerpt in the car or while you are getting ready. I know it will make your life better immediately.

I can't wait to read your Intention Statement. Creating an Intention Statement is the first thing I do to prepare for the next year.

I will be sharing more of the things I do that help me in the days ahead.

Sending you so so so much love and peace.

Here's to living fearlessly.


Until next time - Be Fearless!


p.s. Be sure to take a stab at creating an Intention Statement and share it with me by leaving a comment.

The more you share, the more I can help. I send you love…


p.s.s. Here's a peek of my pretty bed all made and nice and neat. LoveMeAnyWayBedMade

And yes, I painted the art above my bed. Shhh...don't tell anyone you saw my inner sanctum. 😉

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