Love Good Conversations?

Date Published: Jan 21, 2018


If you want to LOVE better...
keep reading.

Because if you don't have this SKILL,
your relationships will stagnate and
you will be on your way to resentment
and frustration...

In honor of the upcoming
Valentine's Day, I want you to
have the skills you need to be
more successful in your relationships.

If you want to feel more successful
in on...

There's nothing like a really good conversation...

You know the kind...

You find yourself sitting up all night
sharing your most intimate secrets...
saying things you've never said to
anyone before...

You feel so close, so connected...

And then you have a disagreement,
a fight, a dreaded conflict...and
now the person you felt so close to
feels miles away...

You don't know how to bridge
the gap...

You don't know what you should say...
and if you did aren't sure
HOW to say it.

Your needs and wants get all
jumbled together
you just
want to feel close again....

But instead, you shut up
or shut down...

I know EXACTLY how you feel.

I did this for YEARS. In almost
every relationship I had.

It didn't matter if it was business
or love, I always found myself,
at some point,
shutting down...


Screaming at the top of my lungs...

If my man and I had a problem,
I didn't know how to say how I felt
without feeling stupid or needy
or whiny or UGH!

I was convinced that
if I shared what I really
thought or felt...

If I really shared MY needs,
I would be dismissed as
'hard to please'
'a pain in the butt'
'too demanding"

After all, shouldn't I be
able to deal with this
stuff myself and
not 'bother' my man?!

Let's not forget,
I was petrified
I would be rejected...

Heck, half the time,
(if not more),
I didn't even know what
need I was even missing...

I grew up in Minnesota...
the land of the hardy...

Me? Needs?

Forget about it!

I was taught to SUCK IT UP

I was told I didn't have a right to
complain or say what
I want or, god forbid,
what I need.

But that's a recipe
for disaster ...

Does any of this sound
familiar to you?

It doesn't have to stay this way.

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