Wait Until you hear what’s about to happen to Linda

A funny thing happens when you’re confronting fears you’ve kept buried for so long – your entire life starts to change.

Even beliefs you were convinced were written in stone start to erode and crumble.

When Linda attended the Fearless Foundation Workshop she realized her core fear was of being INCOMPETENT.

Applying the tools and techniques she mastered during the workshop resulted in a raise, a better work schedule and a whole new outlook on her career.

Then, with her newfound confidence, she began questioning other feelings, beliefs and behaviors she had clung to for as long as she could remember.

She’d always figured they were just character flaws that she was born with….

But now that she felt so much better about herself – thanks to the Fearless Foundation Workshopshe started wondering if fear might not be at the bottom of those issues as well.

For several years she and her husband Joe had dreamed of owning a place of their own. But it always seemed just that – a nice dream, but out of reach financially.

But as she started asking whether her fear of being incompetent might not be holding her back there too, she realized money wasn’t really the big issue. It was the voices that kept whispering in her head….

You’re incompetent…

You can’t handle all this responsibility…

You’re gonna let Joe down…

Home ownership is for grownups…

It didn’t help that Joe had his own fears around money and security. So between them, even the thought of buying their own home was out of the question.

Fortunately, one of the things she learned at the workshop was to challenge her beliefs by asking one simple question:

Are you making this up or is it a fact?

So she asked herself, “Is this a fact? Can I really not handle responsibility?”

She reviewed the evidence….

She was so good at taking on responsibility at work that her boss wanted to give her more.

She did a great job of taking responsibility for her and Joe’s finances.

And she’d always taken good care of herself.

So obviously, she wasn’t incompetent at all when it came to responsibility.

Not a fact she concluded.

What about letting Joe down if they made this move? She decided to simply ask him….

“Absolutely not,” Joe replied. “Whatever happens with this move, I know you would never let me down.”

And what about her not being a grownup? Was that a fact?

Fortunately, she was able to disprove that one just by reaching in her wallet and getting her driver’s license.

“It says right here I’m 42 years old,” she said out loud. “Definitely a grownup!”

Then Linda remembered what I’d told everyone at the workshop. “If you’re going to make things up about yourself, make it up good.”

So instead of letting her fear of being incompetent keep her on edge and keep her focusing on what she wasn’t doing well, she started keeping track of all the ways she was competent.

And before long, she and Joe had purchased a townhouse in a place they had long dreamed of living.

Once that happened, the dominos started to fall. And Linda was now ready to confront one of her most rigid beliefs: she never wanted kids.

She had always told herself that motherhood just wasn’t something she was interested in. It was fine for others, just not for her.

But now, looking more closely, she realized that this, too, grew out of her fear of INCOMPETENT.

Linda had always had a very difficult relationship with her mother. So Linda was convinced that if she had children of her own, her relationship with them would end up being the same as the one she had with her own mother. In other words, she took it as a fact that she’d be an awful (incompetent) mother.

Applying the same principles of Fearless Living, she soon realized that “fact” was also made up. And that if she didn’t let fear run her life, that deep down what she really wanted was a family.

She was pretty nervous though, about how Joe would react to this about face….

But when he heard her change of heart, he was ecstatic. He desperately wanted a family of his own as well.

And that’s what they decided to do….

So why have I told Linda’s story? Why do I want you to know about all the changes she was able to make in her life once she overcame her fear?

Well, it’s probably pretty obvious by now….

I want to convince you to attend the Fearless Foundation Workshop, and experience for yourself the transformation that comes when you can finally separate yourself from your fear.

And why do I want that…?

The truth is this:

It breaks my heart when people don’t trust the dreams that are trying to be realized through them – and don’t trust the decisions that will help them become the people they were born to be.

Linda’s is just one of countless stories about people I’ve worked with whose lives have become their own because they fulfilled their right to be fearless.

And now it’s time for you to live your own story of transformation.



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