Linda Should Have Known Better…[Linda Part 1]

Linda should have known better.

She and her husband, Joe, were almost out of the house when the phone rang.

“Don’t answer it,” Joe said. “We’re already late, and you know what’s going to happen.”

Linda met her husband’s eyes then quickly looked away.

“Don’t worry. I’ll make it quick.”

As she picked up the phone, Joe unbuttons his coat and turns back towards the living room.

“Yep… Got it…Okay. Be right there.”

Linda hangs up and quickly walks over to grab her workout bag.

“Honey, I’m sorry. But Marge is sick.”

Joe can’t hold himself back. “And of course, she’s going to call you. You’re the only one that can save the day.”

Linda’s cheeks get red. She knows he’s right.

“Yeah, but we can use the extra money,” she blurts out trying to make herself feel better.

“You’re right,” Joe said. “It was pointless for us to meet with a realtor anyway on what we make.”

Linda with a huge fake smile goes through the motions of cheering on another Pilates mat class as she demonstrates the same routines she’s taught a hundred times before. It’s the last class of the day and the all too familiar voices will not be quiet.

You’re letting everyone down. These people need your help and you’re just phoning it in. You used to love this job. What’s wrong with you? You can’t make anyone happy. Not your students. Not your husband.

As she drives home the second time on the same day, she mutters to herself: I can’t keep living like this. Something’s got to change. I just don’t know how to change it. So what can I do?

What she didn’t know was that she was about to get the answer to her question…

Have you ever picked up the phone and wish you hadn’t? Me too! What else have you done that you regretted later? Little things? Big things?

Keep track of your regrets – current and past – over the next day. I will have some answers for you to move beyond your regrets in the days to come.


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