Be Confident & Impactful

75 Real Client Hours
No peer coaching for you. You’ll work with actual Clients who are dying to become Fearless. You are going to show them how! (Don’t worry you’ll know what to do soon enough)

Be Supported Like Never Before

9 One-on-one Mentor Sessions
Plus, you’ll have 6 sessions with your Mentor during the Prerequisite Course! Yep. We have a prerequisite! ! 9 + 6 = 15 TOTAL Mentor Sessions! (No other program even comes close)

Earn While You Learn

92% Success Rate
(Of our coaches have paying clients while still in the program!) Imagine the lives you could change!

What you’ll do

People call us the “Ivy League of Life Coach Training” for good reason. As an industry leader, the Fearless Living Institute’s LCCP teaches you how to be the best coach you can be.


 9 full months of fearless tools and skill-building

 3 in-person trainings taught by our founder, Rhonda Britten

 Business-building modules to help you succeed


 Customized to fit your needs

Ongoing one-on-one skill development with your Mentor Coach

Mix of in-person trainings, online courses and teleclasses provide a hybrid learning environment


Dedicated support team assigned specifically to you

Dedicated support team assigned specifically to you

Logistics and tech support to guide you

Why it works

Three Goals – One Foundation

Build Your Toolbox

Tools that work!

 Time-proven proprietary coaching method

 Personal transformation first, through experiential learning

 Weekly classes for integration, support and refinement

Grow Your Skills

The Art of Coaching

A minimum of 9 one-on-one Mentor sessions (the most in the industry!)

20+ hours of how-to-coach learning over three days together in person

75+ supervised coaching hours with actual Study Clients – not peers

Own Your Business

Tools that work!

Expansion into Introductory Talks, Book Groups…and paid clients!

“Sell and Succeed” training with renowned sales strategist, Ben Chaib

Planning for your fearless future with a one-year business map

Community Love & Support

We hold your hand

We’re not kidding when we say our foundation is support.

The LCCP is the only program in the world that has a team of love moving you forward.

Personal Mentor…Power Team… Powerful Partner…and more – all here just for you!

Who We Are

We are freedom-lovers, fear-fighters, voice raisers, boundary setters, and no more standing-by-the-sideline Life Coaches.

We are social workers, teachers, police captains, nurses, bus drivers, therapists, corporate execs, lawyers, cancer survivors, photographers, doctors, pilates instructors, stay-at-home moms, reiki masters, physical therapists, and so much more.

Using more than hope and clichés, we coach the fear right out of our clients with compassion while holding them accountable.

Sucess Stories

what clients says about us

Why we’re different

We live by the philosophy that compassion and accountability are the cornerstones of real change and that fear is at the heart of our struggles, suffering, and disappointments.

With those qualities as our foundation, the LCCP is a proven program that is grounded in a proprietary methodology called The Wheels and cutting-edge neuroscience that gives your clients long-lasting transformation and you a successful career as everyone’s favorite Life Coach.

Are You Meant to be a Life Coach?

“Are you ready to leap towards a life that you love? Well you’re in theright place!”
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