January 9 Starting Over needs your help….

URGENT! Los Angeles area fans!

Starting Over needs your help!

If you are a fan of Starting Over, live in the Los Angeles area and want to support the housemates with a special project, read on....

MONDAY, January 9 at 10 am

Join Starting Over tomorrow morning at 10 am for a special event. Starting Over DARE TO CHANGE 5K Run/Walk to benefit the Stepup Network of Los Angeles. They are dedicated to helping young women learn the skills and tools they need to change their lives.

Christie, a Starting Over housemate, is in charge of this special event. We hope this becomes an annual race and with your support that dream may come true.


Those willing to run/walk will be asked to donate a minimum of $20 to the charity. Runners/Walkers will receive a t-shirt, goody bag with some fun stuff from Andy Paige and myself and personal interaction with the housemates.

Runners/Walkers and Spectators will be invited to participate in a silent auction. Items include a Fearless Foundation Weekend, a FLI website membership, books, Curve membership and much more.

Join the housemates, Rhonda, Dr. Stan and Iyanla for this one time event. You can be a part of Starting Over history.

Date: Monday, January 9
TIME: 10 am
LOCATION: Balboa Park in Encino, Ca.
Take the 101 Freeway, exit Balboa Blvd, go through the light at Burbank Blvd. and proceed to the third parking lot on the left. You will be directed at that point by the production staff.

We look forward to your seeing you there!

The Foundation of It all

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By Rhonda Britten

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