Hurting, Sneezing and Waiting…

* It’s the night before the race – Rhonda has just gotten her race number. You can track her progress on the LA Marathon website.

Remember to check out KNBC for webcast coverage of the race. Rhonda will be interviewed at 7:30am Pacific before the race…
KNBC Race Coverage

The LA Marathon is less than a month away…YIKES! Andy Paige, image goddess on Starting Over and now a friend, is running with me. She ran 23 miles last week. YEAH! Me? I ran around 10 miles.

I’m still sneezing, sniffling and generally not up to snuff. The back of my knees are killing me when I run, or walk, which means my hamstrings and calfs are tight. I got a massage to loosen up my muscles and that guy worked me so hard, I almost cried but of course, the tough Finlander that I am, wouldn’t let me do that. I just breathed alot.

I should have run yesterday but didn’t. I should have run today but didn’t. Instead, I am doing yoga today to loosen up my legs one more time. I pray that tomorrow I will feel healthy enough to run.

My running coach is in Los Angles and I am now in Colorado. So yes, I realize I’m running in altitude for the first time and it’s COLD! But I wanted to do so well. Now, that doesn’t seem to matter any more. Now, I just want to finish the marathon if I have to walk the entire way.

I finally asked my coach for help! It was more like HELP!!! You get the point. He told me getting and staying healthy is the most important thing so sleep, eating well and moving my legs is vital. He told me to ease up on the runs but do some sort of aerobic activity like swimming or jogging in the water.

Pray for me. Send me good thoughts. I will need your support to get through this next month and especially to complete the marathon. I am glad Andy Paige will be with me. My sisters will be there and so will some friends. Perhaps you might be there? Mr. Love-A-Lot won’t because he already had a trip planned with friends. ugh!

If you are planning on attending the LA Marathon on March 19th to support me and Andy, send an email to Steven at the Fearless Living Office at We are planning on making t-shirts for everyone. So let us know your size (S, M, L or XL). The most important miles will be 10 through 26 with the last 6 the killer. We are planning to assign folks to different mile markers so Andy and I can see some friendly faces along with way.

Here goes…less than a month to go. One thing I have decided. I am going to do another one. I am going to train in spring, summer and run one in the fall. I will be healthy and strong and ready to kick some butt. The LA Marathon is the first but it won’t the last.

Love and light sent to you as I ask for your support….Rhonda

By Rhonda Britten

Rhonda, voted America’s Favorite Life Coach is here to help you get unstuck. “Everyone needs Fearless Living”- Oprah Winfrey With her acclaimed method called Fearless Living, Rhonda Britten has helped thousands of people let go of indecision, gain clarity of purpose, and take life-changing risks. Her work exposes the roots of fear and gives you the tools to move beyond that insidious universal feeling of “not being good enough.” The result is unstoppable confidence and a world of unlimited possibilities.

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