Happy Thanksgiving

How grand and glorious it is today to live on this earth.
How fortunate you are to be blessed as you are to be who you are.
How wonderous life is that it unfolds in ways unexpected yet
continuously enriches and enlivens your human experience.

I am grateful for you and how, in your own way, you are
dedicated to being more fearless.

I am awed by you who reach beyond what you know,
or who you think you are, to discover a person inside of you
capable of more than you ever imagined.

I am humbled by the graceful giving of who you are.

Happy Thanksgiving.

May today be the today you fall on your knees
in gratitude for all you have, for all you are
and all you have before you.

Loads of gratitude and love to you and yours,

The Foundation of It all

In her groundbreaking seminal work, Rhonda Britten shows you how to master the emotional fears that keep you stuck in old cycles. Fearless Living is the foundation for all of Rhonda’s work, and it gives you an overview of her philosophies on how fear can take your life captive.

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By Rhonda Britten

Rhonda, voted America’s Favorite Life Coach is here to help you get unstuck. “Everyone needs Fearless Living”- Oprah Winfrey With her acclaimed method called Fearless Living, Rhonda Britten has helped thousands of people let go of indecision, gain clarity of purpose, and take life-changing risks. Her work exposes the roots of fear and gives you the tools to move beyond that insidious universal feeling of “not being good enough.” The result is unstoppable confidence and a world of unlimited possibilities.

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