As a world, we only have one day left before we begin to write as a collective the year 2007 on our checks, on our letters and in our hearts. It is a new year. And for so many that means a new beginning….yet, are you prepared?

I’ve always said the way you leave one relationship is how you will enter the next. Well, what if that is true for the switch between 2006 and 2007? What if how we say good-bye, or rather release, our year is how we will begin the next?

I’m not taking any chances. I believe that we must consciously choose our lives rather than be at the whim of life. That doesn’t mean there isn’t room for synchroncity or random acts of kindness…rather I am suggesting we fully engage, fully invest, fully commit to whatever life we are living now rather than waiting until the life we want shows up.

That is what many people do. They wait….and wait…and wait…and during their waiting tell themselves when this or that happens THEN they will commit, THEN they will change, THEN life will be grand. I realized long ago that way of living just kept me stuck in fear, apathy and desparation. I was always looking outside of myself for some miracle.

Now, I know I am the miracle. And you are too. We are all the miracles in our own lives and the lives of so many others. When we smile at a sullen face at the restaurant counter or don’t add one more complaint to the long list of complaints at the airline reservations desk or decide how we are going to feel rather than letting the day decide.

That is power. That is a miracle. That is the legacy I want to leave to the world.

My car didn’t sell yet. I could be bummed. I could complain. I could blame someone somewhere. But I won’t. I know that the person who is meant to buy it hasn’t shown up yet. I just have to keep putting it out there, making it available and in a flash, it will be sold. Not on my timeline perhaps yet I am not going to let a car payment decide my mood or my financial future.

So today, with one day left of 2006, I want you to decide how you want to enter 2007. I realize your life may not be exactly the way you would like it. Trust me, I know that one really well. Yet, what I am asking you to do is set that aside for a moment and decide, really decide. Do you want to enter 2007 with resentment? Blame? Frustration? Or do you want to enter 2007 with a knowingness that life is for you, that your future is unfolding most magnificiently and that all you have to do is practice believing in who you are, who you really are.

In Fearless Living, we call that your Essential Nature.

I challenge you to admit to yourself all the things you have been using to hold back the real you, the powerful you, the miracle of you. Now, let them know you are thankful for the lessons learned but now it it time for you to move on, grow up, become fearless.

Now, all those little parts of yourself you are afraid to admit about yourself…afraid that if you say them out loud they may not be true or they may go away…I want you to write those parts of yourself down…your creativity, your spark for life, your kind heart…name them, claim them, own them.

All those parts of you that you are afraid won’t be there tomorrow…will be.

So decide. How will you enter 2007? Write it down. You may not be able to embody it 100% but that doesn’t matter. Claim what you want to be true and start practicing it.

You are the miracle you have been waiting for. Welcome 2007……

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