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Don’t Let Fear Keep You From Reaching Your Biggest Dreams in 2017- Get What You Really Want Now ...
When You Discover My Proven System to Conquer Indecision, Banish your Biggest Roadblock, and Transform Your Life with Change that LASTS - Starting Today!
Are you your own roadblock?
  • Do you live your life in a small comfortable zone when you KNOW you want more?
  • Are you living “Less Than” and finding yourself feeling frustrated about it?
  • Are you staying in a job you hate when you know you have the skills to move up or make it on your own? 
  • Do you using energy-zapping clutter as an excuse for inaction or isolation from potential friends? 
  • Are you afraid of success and living up to the comfortable and familiar version of yourself everyone expects? 
  • Are you afraid to succeed because you fear rejection because of misunderstanding or jealousy? 
  • Are you allowing yourself the safe routine of food addictions when you know deep inside you really want to lose weight and have more energy - but fail every time you try to kick the habit? 
It doesn't have to be that way!
We naturally go to our comfortable, safe places. Even when we intellectually know we want change, our emotions automatically kick in to keep us in a safe and comfortable familiar place.
We have to understand how the mind AND emotions work to find true change on a deep level. Until then, we can hope and try for change - however, it’s often simply not enough!
My name is Rhonda Britten, and I know what it means to overcome fear. I lived through devastating tragedy by the age of 14. I found myself struggling to live through despair that threatened my very existence ...  

until I learned the secret of conquering my fears.

I began to use what I learned from that experience to help others - so no-one - no matter what they’ve been through - has to live a life “Less Than” they were meant to have!

I’ve now shared my secrets in proven systems that have helped hundreds of thousands through my Emmy award winning show, my life coaching practice, and my best selling books.

Today, I want to share with you a plan you won’t find anywhere else. It will help you finish your year strong … so you can start the new year ALREADY living the change you want - with NO need for New Year’s resolutions.  

You’ll already be living the change.
You see, we all have roadblocks - things that get in the way of making the changes that help us thrive.

And every roadblock has two things -
Costs and Benefits
There are Benefits to staying stuck:
  • comfort
  • safety
  • friends that know what to expect of you
And there are Costs:
  • weight gain
  • bad health 
  • living with debt  
  • never even trying to get the job you really want  
  • or even thinking about going back to school because of your age 
With expert guidance and shared experience, you’ll begin to see all the hidden reasons you give yourself to stay stuck … the ones you give yourself WITHOUT even realizing you’re doing it!
It’s all in my Finish Your Year Strong Course
In this popular and proven video course,
You’ll have everything you need to make powerful changes that will last ...
This is NOT like those health club memberships that are forgotten by March.
We’re talking long term
Because you'll use the natural energy of finishing out the year - so it’s much, much EASIER to create positive changes that will last and keep lasting!
And once you know this effective “tried and true” system, you’ll be able to use it again and again - as many times as you want - so you can break through anything and everything that is holding you back from your dreams!

“Mind Blown”

Mind blown. **splat** Thank you, thank you, Rhonda. This is wonderful.

- Kathie from Kentucky

“I love this process”

My insight? I love this process! and the insight is it will create/reveal for me how to REcreate my life!

- Judy

“I now understand better why I get stuck”

Insight that I received? I now understand better why I get stuck. The big piece is Step 2, Brain Power, and learning that my feelings are running the show. I feel hopeful. Thank you.

- Nicole from Washington
Just Imagine...
Take a look at what you’ll get:
A Video taking you through the entire system step by step. I‘ll tell you just what you need to do. You’ll be able to get the MOST benefits from my exercises - so you can root out and Abolish your biggest obstacles to change. 
MP3 Recording
An MP3 recording of the entire workshop - you’ll want to take it with you everywhere you go. You’ll reinforce everything you’ve learned - so you’ll have the strength of purpose and the full mindset you need with the least amount of effort
7 Step Finish Your Year Strong Master Cheat Sheet
My 7 Step Finish Your Year Strong Master Cheat Sheet with clear steps for taking action any time, wherever you are - so you’re always moving closer to your most important goals!
Benefits and Cost Worksheet

My Benefits and Cost worksheet for understanding the ONE roadblock that is stopping your progress - you will be amazed when you see the reasons you give yourself for NOT changing and the true cost of letting your fears keep you in a “safe” small place.

Daily Reflection Exercise
The Daily Reflection Exercise to give you a sure way to end every day with gratitude - so you’ll always see the real and important progress you’re making!
The One Thing
My Revolutionary worksheet to help you find The One Thing that will help you make the most massive difference in 2017 and help you get it NOW - so you’ll have a strong start to the new year.

 “This class was amazing!!”

That my line in the sand was completely different than the roadblock. I know I have needed to work on this communication with my family, especially my sister for so many years. Thank you this class was amazing!!

- Sheryl from Michigan

“Peace, Love, and Joy”

My biggest insight is that I am ALREADY using up so much brain power (energy, time, worry, money etc) on creating a miserable situation in life, so why not be willing to use that same amount of energy to bring in peace and love and joy? I am ready and willing, Thanks, Rhonda!

- Aneta from California

“I've drawn the line in the sand”

Thank you! I'm actually one project away from finishing my certification. I knew I was towards the end, but didn't know how close. I realize I've been putting my schoolwork behind taking care of tasks around the home because I've felt unsure of the value I will bring once I finish. I've drawn the line in the sand, willing to be a novice, willing to make mistakes and willing to learn from mis-steps to pursue my mission.

But time is running out!
The sooner you start, the MORE you will get out of this program.
Every hour you put this system into place makes you today and even STRONGER in the New Year!
Because how you end one year is how you start the next.
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