Ready to Write Your Heart Out?

Fearless Living Writing Group
It's time to court the muse, take back your voice and trust yourself again...

Fearless Living Writing Group is for you if you want to trust yourself to voice the stories you are meant to tell.

Receive prompts, suggestions, and empowering support as you tune into YOUR true voice. 

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What Students Say About This Course...

- Phyllis Eddy

“I joined Fearless Living Writing Group hoping to learn how to write without the voice of my inner critic and its internal judgment censoring every word I wrote.

But, I had no idea the level of healing I would receive by following Rhonda's writing guidance. As I began to write from my heart, I was shocked by what appeared on the page.

Words, phrases and stories started to bumble out that I could never image writing from my conscious "I'm not a writer" mindset. It was then I knew I was writing from my soul.

I always had a secret desire to write a book, and I'm finally doing it. The Fearless Living Writing Group gave me the courage and confidence to begin.
I never considered myself a writer, but now I do!”

- Mary Lou

Fearless Living Writing is something I do purely for me. I feel like each of us gets something personally out of it. It's not a task or requirement or business or anything like that. It really pours into us as individuals and I like that.”

- Nichole Donje

This past year has been one of the most challenging in my life. Facing new fears and possibilities out of my control is overwhelming. I have been wanting to get back to writing and my blog for almost two years but not trusting myself and constantly judging. I know I have a story to tell, I just need the trust in myself to do it.

When Rhonda offered a writing class - that was all I needed. Being a follower of Fearless Living for almost 20 years, this was the place I knew I could find myself again. The honesty and commitment to sharing and listening from Rhonda and my peers has inspired me, not just to write, but to move forward and allow my heart to open again.

It's challenging and vulnerable and I can't wait for the next class - every class!”

- Christina Moore

Fearless Living Writing Group helped me get the encouragement and gave me the forum to baby step into the process [of writing]!! It really helps to be in a safe space when dealing with such vulnerable topics.

- Kandace Savela

Fearless Living Writing has given me the opportunity and the time to sit down and make time to write and make it enjoyable again. I had let myself really hide for a long time. And The positive feedback and watching everyone laugh when we read about blueberry pancakes, just warms my heart.”

- Kate Grafton

“I felt the nudge to start writing again, I knew I had to. Something was stirring in my soul and I couldn't explain it.

I had fruitless short-lived attempts at writing pieces in the past, and they were good. Yet I could not connect with the parts of myself that were covered with shame, or stories buried deep within me for any sustainable length of time. Each attempt felt like it was just a single droplet of water out of the end of a hose. One single droplet.

That is until I sat in Fearless Writing Group on the first day, the encouragement given to me by Rhonda and the rest of my classmates allowed me to turn on the water, full force to see that I do have a gift, a powerful voice, and a unique perspective on the world.

I am grateful that Rhonda has created a safe space for all of us to share things that expose our vulnerabilities, and as we do so, she showers us with love and light.”

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