Ahhhhh….falling in love. That is our theme for the month of February. Now, I know most of you who have been reading my blog on a regular basis are wondering if I too am falling in love. Well, I am.

Mr. Like-A-Lot has turned into Mr. Love-A-Lot and I dare say, I am learning so much. More specifically, I am learning so much about loving myself. Because I believe loving another is an opportunity to practice loving yourself to a greater and greater degree.
Boundaries? I’ve had to place them. Conflict? We’ve had it. Frustration? That too. And all of it has been an opening to love more. Love Mr. Love-A-Lot more and myself. I constantly have to check in with myself and ask: Am I being loving to myself and to him? Am I being open hearted? Am I listening without judgement? Am I being true to myself? Or more plainly, am I being myself by epxressing myself or am I trying to adjust to keep his love?

One of the things I have realized is I must be willing to lose the love of another if I am going to be true to myself. Remember one of my favorite sayings: My needs equal your needs. No ones needs are more important than anothers. Sure, we must negotiate and compromise and have compassion and understanding. Yet, if I am hurting myself I am not loving myself.

Right now, I am practicing self-love by practicing loving another. It isn’t always easy. There have been times I have wanted to run. There have been days I tried to convince myself this relationship couldn’t possibly work. There have been moments where I tried to believe it would be easier being alone than all this love stuff. But ultimately, I know that is a lie.

Love is the path to true fearlessness. Without a willingness to be vulnerable (that is one way to love myself) and the courage to express all of me (that too is loving myself), I will never know who I could be, who I really am.

So here I am in the midst of loving another while working on loving myself. May this month be filled with love for who you are, for all you have and all that is.

Be love my friends and do it fearlessly.

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