Not pushy.
Never manipulative.
Always with integrity.

Admit that you have needs Speak honestly and garner support Take 100% responsibility for your own needs Never compromise your integrity Learn how needs and love are interrelated – and how they’re not

Why is it so hard to get our needs met?

We pride ourselves on being self-sufficient and, because of that, we ignore, deny and pretend we don’t have needs. We were never taught to honor our needs, and we’ve never been given permission to have them.

Most people have a difficult time asking for help. And asking for support around our needs, when we don’t know how to ask or even what they are, just makes us feel needy and desperate. But you don’t have to feel either. Once you honor your own needs, asking for support becomes easy. I’ll show you exactly what to say and how to say it.

Do you have a hard time getting your needs met?

  • Find yourself giving in to others’ wishes too often?
  • Afraid to ask for a raise or a promotion?
  • Say too often "Oh, whatever you want to do..."
  • Have a hard time making decisions?

What happens when we don’t learn to get our needs met?

If our needs do not get met, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, resentful and isolated. Needs are natural and part of being human. Abraham Maslow - the famed therapist - was the first to share the hierarchy of needs that must be fulfilled to feel supported, confident and successful.

If you don’t honor your needs, they will just get louder and louder. The sad thing is, we silently wait for our loved ones to fulfill our needs instead of taking responsibility for them ourselves. We end up feeling victimized by the people around us and punish ourselves for not having the courage to reach out.

Here’s what you get

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  • Transcript of the video

It’s time to get your needs met!

Your destiny is in your hands. Discover how to get your needs met today!

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