Recharge Your Love Tank In Just 21 Days!

Attract more love into your life Have more success in connecting with the RIGHT people! Know how to set boundaries without feeling bad Be content and confident in your own skin Live with less fear and more passion!

What's a Love Tank?

Your Love Tank is your inner reservoir of positive emotion. It’s the well from which you draw to do everything else in your life – to make decisions, to work, to attract/deflect influences into your life, to build relationships … everything. When your Love Tank is full, you feel open, energized, confident, and self-assured. When your Love Tank is low, you feel anxious, self-conscious, guarded and depressed. My 21 Days of Self Love course is designed to give your Love Tank not just a refill, but to overfill it so it spills into every aspect of your life!

Your Love Tank Might Need A Refill If You:

  • Keep clashing with the wrong people, over and over again. That includes dating!
  • Feel pessimistic about your future, and jealous of other people’s “good luck”
  • Feel lonely, even when you’re not alone
  • Don’t have enough close friends in your life
  • Lost your passion for life somewhere along the way
  • Just don’t feel like yourself any more

What’s the difference between a full Love Tank and an empty Love Tank?

Whether or not your Love Tank is full makes a huge difference in your life. Your Love Tank is like the mountain you stand on to look out on everything else in your world. When it’s full, you see possibilities. When it’s empty, you see obstacles. Here’s a little story to show you what I mean.

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A Full Love TankAn Empty Love Tank

An elderly grandmother lives with her daughter, son-in-law and their two children. When she first moved in, she didn't know where she fit in so she talked to her daughter about how she could help out. (When your Love Tank is full, you're not afraid to have difficult conversations.)

She decided even though she was away from her friends, there was a lot of love right here. She now gets up every morning in gratitude and makes a big breakfast for all of them. Then she cleans up the whole mess after they leave for work and school.

Why does she do all this? Because she loves them and wants to help out in the mornings when everyone is so rushed for time. She’s a big help around the house and feels appreciated. She’s glad she gets to spend her golden years so close to her family. Her life is filled with purpose, meaning and love.

Her daughter and son-in-law love the freedom they have now that they have a live-in babysitter. Their marriage has even improved with all their new quality-time spent without the kids. Everyone in the family feels fortunate that Grandma lives with them.

An elderly grandmother lives with her daughter’s family because she’s not independent enough to live by herself anymore. She loves her daughter, but being with her all the time is grating on her nerves. The kids are too loud, and her son-in-law looks at her like she’s a nuisance, even though he doesn’t say anything.

She tries to just stay out of their way so she’s not more of a burden, so even though she’s surrounded by people, she’s always lonely.

The daughter loves her mom, but with her staying in her room all day, she’s not contributing anything to the family. The daughter sees her mom as one more person to take care of in an already overburdened schedule. And her mom seems so sad about the whole arrangement, it leaves a cloak of depression over the whole house.

What’s the difference? Perspective!

People who are full of love live lives full of love and happiness. People with empty Love Tanks emanate negative energy and get negative results.

Are you always looking for what's wrong?

Your Love Tank is empty. Perhaps for years, even decades.

Or do you give and give but don't FEEL loved in return? That's another way fear tries to trick us. Fear tells us we "should" feel loved but if we told ourselves the truth, we don't feel loved at all. Not really.

When your love tank is low, love is hard to find and hard to feel. And even harder to believe in.

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Here’s what you get

  • 21 Days of Love Notes from Me! With uplifting, self-loving, fresh-baked messages to fill up your tank!
  • Transcripts of the Entire Course So you can refer to it later or pass it along to someone who needs some love!
  • Video Modules In-Depth videos for each module
  • Mp3 Replays Yours to keep FOREVER!
  • Daily Support in the Community Group Join the love-fest! Be surround yourself with people who are giving love freely – not those who are sucking it away!
  • Weekly Surveys To keep you accountable for your progress!
  • Daily Love Lessons Each day you'll receive an action step that will help you integrate everything you're learning to guarantee an overflowing Love Tank.

You won’t find love until you love yourself first! Recharge your Love Tank in Just 21 Days! Start the course today!

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  • Who is this Course for?
    • If you find yourself feeling burned out and unappreciated, getting upset with yourself (and others) way too often, or aren't sure how to respect yourself without the fear of rejection popping up, 21 Days of Self Love is the answer. It’s designed to show you how to love yourself even if those around you are trying to take advantage of you or you don't think you deserve to be loved . You'll not only learn how to fill up your Love Tank to feel centered and at peace but you'll be able to give and receive love from an authentic place. And don’t worry, I will guide you with a gentle hand and compassionate style while giving you the full court press putting you into action almost immediately. Folks have felt loved up after the first class.
  • How do I know this will solve my (problem)?
    • This comes down to trust doesn't it? If you are still reading this page, I bet you trust me and want me to convince you that I am trustworthy. I hope I've done that with the honest reviews on this page and scattered throughout the website plus the videos sharing who I am and my journey. But past that, this is a decision you have to make on your own. You have to make the decision to trust me to guide you on this journey of self love. Thousands of others have yet this decision is yours and yours alone.
  • Do I have to do 21 Days in a row? What if I miss a day?
    • No problem. There’s actually no such thing as getting behind because you’re in charge of the pace. Even though the intention of this Course is 21 Lessons in 21 days, we recognize that just like building your physical muscles, you may need a day or two of rest and integration during the next 21 days. If you need it, take it and then, jump back in. The more you stay focused on practicing each Love Lesson, the more you’ll get out of the Course. So go ahead, take 24 days or even 30 days…just keep going no matter what.
  • Can I take a break if I need to?
    • Of course. A program is no good if you are overwhelmed and find yourself beating yourself up. In every email, there will be a link to stop the sequence of emails at any time. Just remember, when you stop the emails, you won’t have your daily reminders to keep you focused on moving forward in loving yourself.
  • Can I share this program with a family member?
    • It's important that each person who’s enrolled in the 21 Days of Self Love program makes a conscious decision to join and invest in their own growth. Feel free to share your results with the people you love but encourage them to invest in themselves. There is nothing that can replace a decision that says “YES I am ready to love myself” like a sign up for a class that can truly make a difference.
  • What do I get with the coaching emails?
    • Each day you will receive an inspirational email that includes the Topic of the Day and a Love Note that will put a huge smile on your face. Plus, you will get your “Love Lesson of the Day” that helps you integrate each day's Topic. You'll also be reminded to watch the next video and/or listen to the next audio (there's four in all.) It's important to download the audio mp3's into your library so you can listen over and over again. We've thought of everything to keep you on track. No procrastination or slipping away in this Course.
  • Should I tell my therapist I'm doing this program?
    • If that supports you, sure. More therapists refer clients to me than coaches, speaker and authors combined. They know my stuff works, and they have your best interest at heart. So yes, please do. I have clients who actually share their daily homework with their therapists. I say, share away. The more support you have on your journey, the better.
  • Why should I use this program and not someone else’s?
    • Because I know what it feels like to NOT love myself. I was confused by the concept of self love for decades. I thought saying it was enough. Au contraire. Saying it and believing it and then, living it are vastly different. I know this self love terrain well. And, of course, I could also throw out a list of amazing things about myself like I overcame a twenty year horror story of my own or how I've met Oprah, twice, or I could tell you about the women's lives I've changed in the Starting Over house that aired every day for three years on NBC. But come on, that isn't important, right? It doesn't matter really if Good Housekeeping has done a profile on me or I have been on The Today Show and blah blah blah, or my gosh darn Emmy win. What does matter is that you’re still reading this. You want me to convince you to join my program, convince you that you are worth giving the gift of self love to. But I'm not going to. YOU have to decide this one. Plus, there's a 7 Day Guarantee or you get all your money back. All you have to do is show you tried by turning in the completed daily Love Lessons. So frankly, you got nothing to lose but that darn ol' fear of yours.
  • What’s at risk if I don’t order right now?
    • Your self respect. Your self worth. Your ability to give and receive love. Let's face it, you wouldn't be here if this problem hasn't been going on for a while so how long do you want it to last? This is what is true: I believe in you. And you have to decide to believe that I can get you to the other side. I've been coaching for over two decades and have thousands of people raising their hand saying ”this works.” So what's at risk if you don't? What's at risk is that the problems that come from refusing to love yourself are just going to get bigger, and you're gonna feel like you are drowning in it. Don't go there. Grab my hand. Let's do this.
  • What is intimidating about doing what you’re asking me to do?
    • First thing that should scare the pants off you is that it is 21 days focused on loving YOU. 21 days of lessons. 21 days of growing. 21 days of action. That is intimidating for so many people because they haven't ever really done one thing for themselves for 21 days. But you know what I'm about to say: Change can't happen unless you invest in yourself for a long enough period of time for it to take hold. So yes, 21 days can seem like an eternity but that's why ultimately you take the Course at your own pace plus you have the coaches support and the community group and me right here. You won't be alone so you won't feel alone. We've got you.
  • How can you remove the intimidation for me?
    • This is why support is so important to me. I know what it’s like to be out there on your own swimming in deep water and trying to get to shore. I lived that way for 20 years, so I get it. I do. That's why I send you daily reminders - so you stay focused - and why you watch the video or listen to the audio each day and grab the lesson of the day and ask questions inside the Course Learning Center. You don't have to go a day without support. And don't forget…what does all the support add up to? Integrating these new tools of self love into your life. They won't do you any good if you don't use them every day. I would rather save my breath than waste your time so if I am teaching it, it’s for a reason.
  • What happens when I order (list the steps)?
    • Once you order, you will receive a Welcome email outlining the things that will be delivered to your inbox on a daily basis, seven days a week, for the next 21 days. The daily emails officially begin on the day you sign up for the Course.
  • How are the materials delivered?
    • Each day you will receive an email delivered right to your inbox with the Topic of the Day, a Love Lesson and an inspirational Love Note as well as links to the Course login page because we know how important it is to have everything delivered right to your inbox. For your convenience, everything is inside the Course Learning Center that you can go to at any time to watch videos, download the audios, grab the Love Lessons and anything else you need. Oh and don't forget, if the daily emails aren't your best way to learn, you have the option of downloading the Love Book. The Love Book contains everything that's inside the daily emails. To stop your daily emails, Just click the link on the bottom of any Course email.
  • How long do I have access to stuff?
    • Forever. I encourage you to download the Course audio mp3's to your computer, so you have them handy to upload to the cloud or directly to your smartphone or tablet. And be sure to save a copy of the Love Book, too. I know you'll want to review this Course again and again.
  • Can I talk with someone before ordering, if so how?
    • Sure. Call the office anytime. You’ll find our Customer Happiness Team ready and waiting to support you with any and all of your questions. Because our team has access to the Courses we offer, they know this Course inside and out. You can ask them anything.
  • How much time will I have to invest?
    • If you watch the video or listen to the audio each week, that’s an hour or two investment per week. Plus a few minutes each day reading your Topic of the Day and inspirational Love Note. Some days you will probably want to write some things down on your Daily Love Lesson Worksheets. How long you spend is up to you.

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