Confession time:

I am scared to bejesus to share this with you.

And it’s all my sweet boyfriends fault. (Yes, I have a boyfriend but that’s for another post, another day) Anyway, let me call him Mr. Stud.

Well, Mr. Stud has been challenging me to share more of my daily Fearless insights and shifts. Now, I thought I was sharing plenty of them but he said, “Oh no. I don’t think so. If you are THE Queen of Fearlessnesss (he said it, not me) then you gotta share your fearless acts every day (or close to it).”

I thought he was pushing it. I mean, I do share, don’t I? Then when I had this insight and told him about it he said, “That’s what I am talking about. Share THAT.”

I knew he was right when I hesitated and thought, “No one wants to hear this.”


I know where those words originate from. When I hear myself say “no one wants to hear this” I know it’s good ol’ fear coming by for a visit.

That’s when I knew I had to share it.

Be kind. It’s the first time I am sharing an immediate insight with you. No processing time. I am just laying it out.

Watch this video now and tell me what you think.

Hit the REPLY button and email me your thoughts.

Do you want me to share more immediate insights? What about the fearless acts that I take on a regular basis? Do you want to hear about those? Or do you prefer I stick with what I’ve been sharing: Questions and answers? I want to know what you want so TELL ME!


It’s one thing to have an insight. It’s another thing all together to take that insight and do something with it.

Oh and let’s not forget how we can beat ourselves up when our past comes back to visit. (Let’s stop doing that together okay?)

Watch this video and tell me if you’d like to watch more intimate videos like this. I want to hear from you.

Share your thoughts with me via the comments below. Do you like this type of video or do you prefer to watch only the question and answer videos? I am the only one who will be reading the emails so tell me what you want. I am all ears. 🙂 🙂

I send you love and more Fearless Love!

Until next time – Be Fearless!


The Foundation of It all

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