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If you’re not sure why you’re on this page, you’re here for a reason. Something is calling you. Keep reading to see if what we do tugs at your heart…

Before I jump in and talk about the Coaching Program, let me share a little bit about what we do… It’s called: Mastering Fear. Yep. We’re not kidding around.

Fear. It can get you anytime.

The fear of rejection will stop you from reaching out for help or falling in love.

The fear of loss will stop you from opening your heart to another.

The fear of being a loser will stop you from asking for a well-earned raise or striking out on your own with that brilliant business idea of yours.

Fear is the one thing that stops EVERY HUMAN BEING ALIVE.

Malcolm Gladwell concurs and says fear is the number one thing that has stopped him in the past and stops you right now. He says fear causes more damage than anything else. (I totally agree Malcolm!)

Michelle Obama shared when asked if she could tell her younger self anything what would it be. Her answer: “Don’t be so afraid.”

And, of course, we all know the famous Bruce Willis line in the movie “Live Free or Die Hard:”Fear isn’t going to win today.”

Yep. Fear is at the heart of all your frustrations, worry, procrastination and so much more. Fear is the culprit behind our unfilled dreams and broken hearts.

That’s why helping others master their fear is a high calling. And we are the only program in the world that specializes in the helping our clients master theirs.

Don’t get me wrong, most coaching programs talk about fear but they have never taken the time, money and energy to break the process down in bite size chunks so their clients can truly change their lives in any of their life. Other coaching programs tell you what questions to ask and give you some strategies and tools but out on your own, trying to build your business (“trying” being the key word), you won’t know how to stop your own fear from keeping you on the bench of your own life. Because this is the cool part, once you get fear, the whole world opens up to you.

You can go anywhere, do anything and meet anyone. Nothing is off-limits. For real.

Becoming a life coach is a big commitment, but few other careers offer such rewards. The Fearless Living Institute provides the most thorough, hands-on life coach training available. Our Certified Fearless Living Coaches (CFLCs) are transformation experts who are dedicated to supporting you (and your future clients) in “living the life your soul intended.”

Get Certified!

The Fearless Living Institute’s Life Coach Certification Program is the only coaching program that offers you a program based in brain science integrated with timeless principles and clear and concise action steps that create a three prong approach that will give your future clients the confidence and courage they need everytime they are faced with a new opportunity or challenge. What we will teach you how to do is help your clients integrate and master the emotional fears that can stop anyone in their tracks at anytime. By becoming an authority on the Wheel of Fear and Wheel of Freedom, you will be able to identify fear from a mile away.

Plus our Life Coach Certification Program is the only Coaching Program in the world that provides one-on-one Mentors (trained by Rhonda herself) that walk with you every step of the way. You can’t become a great coach without mentoring, and group mentoring doesn’t cut it. To feel confident, you need one-on-one support and we are the only program that absolutely requires it.

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Let us show you how to join our community of Fearless Coaches! We invite you to connect with us to get the information you need to make the best decision for you.

Our Life Coach Certification Program only opens enrollment twice a year so click on the link below to find out if becoming a Life with the Fearless Living Institute is yours to do.

We look forward to getting to know you and supporting you on your Fearless Path as a Certified Fearless Living Coach! We can’t wait to welcome you to our Fearless Family!

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Truly Life Changing!

I am compelled to write a review of Fearless Living because my experience of its content has absolutely rocked my world and changed my life! It's not just about releasing fear, it's about true freedom from old cycles. Moving up... moving on! The words are to be savored and the exercises experienced!

Josie Sullivan

Rhonda Britten is a woman who walks her talk. Her methodology is exact, and her sources come from her own life experience, as well as her work as one of the premier life coaches in practice today. I personally felt a jolt of conviction and exhilaration as I read chapter after chapter into the wee hours of the morning.

C. Cunningham