Suzanne Kuczun
CFLC, CHHC, BA in Psychology
Graduated 2020

Specializes In

Multi-Generational Living, Burnt Out Caregivers (Depression, Anxiety, Guilt, Grief & Healing), Health Coaching (finding Balance - Body, Mind, Spirit Well-being), and Life Transitions

Coach Profile

Do you love your elderly parents but hate that you are now their parent? Are you feeling overwhelmed by trying to meet all of their emotional and physical needs and still never quite feeling like you have done enough? I get it that was me too and I know that things can be different for you; life can be good again and even fun!

I help women who are trying to balance work, their own family, and caring for their aging parents to stop and ask- What do I want? What can I do to feel happy again, and live my life without guilt, resentment, and frustration?

By working with me, you will learn how to find time for yourself again, learn skills to manage the challenges you face, and create a better relationship with yourself and your parents so that you can enjoy the time you have left together instead of dreading it. I wanted more out of my life, to thrive not just survive. Don't you too?

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Graduate of

  • Fearless Living Training Program
  • Fearless Foundation Workshop (FFW)
  • Fearless Life Workshop