Susan Shimamura
CFLC, CFT, C-IQ Certified, BS-BAM
Graduated 2018
Arizona, US

Specializes In

Personal growth, career growth, career expansion, confidence, communications and leadership

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You are killing it! Or are you?

You've been successful in the corporate world and moved up the ladder with promotions and raises! Maybe you even got promoted to management!

You continue to work really hard all the time. You communicate with the same people. You're on every big project. And you always deliver!!! But the recognition you get isn't enough. You want the promotion, you want the raise!

Or, maybe the promotions and raises aren't satisfying anymore. You've realized that you have all the skills and experience and now you want to break out on your own!

But, you're stuck! You're not making progress towards that promotion or raise! You're not taking the steps you know are needed to start your own business!

My own experience has taught me how fear can keep you exactly where you are...right matter how much you want to change.

I can help you break through that frustration by helping you identify the fears that may holding you back. We can break down the steps you need to take to put you on the path to that promotion or raise or new business!

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Graduate of

  • Fearless Living Training Program
  • Create A Year That Matters
  • Fearless Foundation Workshop (FFW)
  • Fearless Conversations Workshop (FCW)
  • Fearless Life Workshop
  • Business in a Box