Rebecca Soulette
Graduated 2011
New York, NY

Specializes In

Developing enriching relationships, creating peace, finding courage

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My goal? To champion the call of YOUR soul!

Need a nonjudgmental, safe place to learn, grow, improve yourself, your relationships, and try new things?

Want an ally invested in helping you achieve the life you want to be living and keep you on course until you've mastered it, no matter what kind of overwhelm or fear may be in your way?

Do you want more balance, enriching relationships, peace in your home, courage to take on projects that are more deeply creative than you've ever done before?

Need a greater support system and better organization in your life so that you can truly be the person you know you are and live in a world that supports you every step of the way?

If so, I'm the coach for you and we've got work to do! Email me ASAP and let's set up your first appointment!

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