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General Life Coaching, Spirituality

The way you think, process, love and relate to others is totally special to you. How can you compare yourself to another when you are totally, individually, and uniquely you? I want to stand with you as you move beyond fear, and walk with you as your faith begins to grow from a mustard seed to a mustard tree.

I offer a non-judgmental sounding board and can provide you with tools that will help you give up those excuses that fear has put in your way to keep you safe. I am a magical unicorn that will sprinkle fairy dust and have you believing you can do it too!

If you’ve endured difficult or traumatic situations in your childhood, the pain can follow you into your adult relationships and circumstances, preventing you from making any real progress on your dreams…I hear you and want you to know it’s possible to rise above your past. Take my hand and be more fearless!

As someone who herself struggled with being extremely self-critical, Betsy coaches people to turn off that negativity and stand in their own light so that whether in their business or personal life, they can thrive and live the life they deserve.

I offer my clients a customized approach to change. I use my extensive background in business, leadership, healing, transition, and coaching to create a coaching strategy that is crafted for you and your goals. I will be with you every step of the way as you embark on this journey of transformation. Tired of just surviving in a black and white world? Let’s work together to Color Your Life with Possibilities!

YOU ARE ENOUGH. Be Fearless in Faith. In You. Coach Forward into your best life.

As your life coach, I sit in the passenger seat beside you as you begin your journey to Self Acceptance without Fear. Using the Fearless Living Tools and a safe space to trust the process, you will begin to explore the endless possibilities that life in FREEDOM has to offer you.

Together we can break the cycle of confusion and self-doubt, thereby reducing frustration. Don’t just survive; LIVE! Joy is freedom!

I coach people that live with depression and anxiety that are also navigating life changes and want to gain clarity and additional tools to help them step into a more empowering, soulful, happy life.

Entrepreneur, Love Relationships, Personal Growth

My mission is to guide you on a journey of discovery that empowers you with great compassion and understanding for yourself, while getting to the heart of what keeps you from your goals, desires or dreams so that you move forward with confidence, passion, joy and purpose to live your best life!

I support women who feel unhappy, unfulfilled or that there is something missing in their life, transform their fear, doubt and worry into radical self-acceptance, self-love and a strong belief in themselves so that they can discover the woman they are meant to be.

I coach women (mainly moms) and support them in getting through the chaos to rediscover themselves again!

I will walk this path with you as your coach and together we will raise your awareness of the many roles fear plays in your life and transform how you show up in the world.

I help people embrace who they are, perhaps a perfectionist, and give them tools to help them find peace of mind, a sense of fulfillment and a bit of playfulness…​Are you ready?

Be free. Be fun. Be fearless. Find happiness by embracing and loving your true self.

I work with people who are anxious, depressed, having relationship problems in their personal lives or on the job, and who are going through life changes (divorce, retirement, empty nest syndrome), as well as people needing the emotional support of acute and chronic illness. My coaching is a partnership with my client that produces extraordinary results in their lives, business, or organization…by supporting them to bridge the gap between where they are now and where they want to be…by providing Fearless Living tools to promote clearer thinking and communication skills through the confidential exploration of ideas and candid dialogue.

I love helping people embrace the present moment and take steps, with intention, towards their goals, desires and dreams.

I partner with Professional Women to break the mold in life or business so they can honor their true selves and live the life they choose.

I help people open their eyes, I guide them to find their voice, I empower them to stand on their own. You will turn your dreams into reality and achieve your goals. I will support you in your transition and help you reconnect to your true divine-self and blossom as a beautiful inspiring soul.

Creativity, Personal Growth, Purpose / Passion Coaching

Would you like to learn how to take the next step, get where you want, take proactive actions, dream your dreams and be there for yourself?

Creativity, Personal Growth, Purpose / Passion Coaching

Specializes in:  Health and Wellness, Fitness

Creativity, Entrepreneur, Love Relationships, Mind - Body Connection, Personal Growth, Purpose / Passion Coaching, Soul Coaching, Weight Loss and Body Love

If you’ve ever felt like you weren’t good enough, like you had to change your body or yourself to feel accepted, if you’ve ever felt like your body was holding you back, then I invite you to come along this journey with me because it’s bigger than weight! You’re beautiful and you’re worth it! Come take my hand, and we’ll do it together!

Creativity, General Life Coaching, Personal Growth, Purpose / Passion Coaching, Transition, Work / Life Balance

Is your teenager lacking direction, not seeming passionate about anything? I want to work with teenagers and young adults because I know if I had these tools, knowledge and skills when I was a teenager I would have discovered faith in myself decades ago.

Creativity, Health and Wellness, Love Relationships, Mind - Body Connection, Personal Growth, Purpose / Passion Coaching, Self-Acceptance, Soul Coaching, Spirituality, Teens, Weight Loss and Body Love

Still trying to build your confidence? Can’t seem to find the secret? Well, there is no secret. There are tools. Take a step forward for yourself today. Together, let’s learn all that’s possible for you.

Creativity, General Life Coaching, Personal Growth, Purpose / Passion Coaching

Specializes in: Yoga, Body Image, Health and Wellness, Finding Your Personal Path

Creativity, General Life Coaching, Personal Growth, Purpose / Passion Coaching

Ready to discover more about YOU? What if you accepted that there is nothing wrong with you? Mind blowing yet true! If nothing is wrong with you what is possible in your life? Would it be more risks or deeper healing?

Creativity, General Life Coaching, Personal Growth, Purpose / Passion Coaching

Are you ready to DISCOVER what is INSIDE of YOU? Have you struggled with breaking negative patterns? Do you get confused how to create balance and joy in your life and body?

Elder Care / Sandwich Generation, Personal Growth, Purpose / Passion Coaching

What happens when you’re scared? tired? in over your head? If you’re like most of us, you fight back these feelings. You might succeed in surviving, but is it just to keep your head above water? Want to stop doing the dog paddle and discover your peak performance flow? Let’s get started!

Personal Growth, Soul Coaching, Transition, Work / Life Balance

After experiencing the results of life coaching and the timeless principles of Fearless Living, I knew I wanted to share it with others. Through our work together, you’ll get clear about what you are craving in life, why you are craving it and how to create more of it. Sound good? Then let’s get started.

Creativity, General Life Coaching, Personal Growth, Purpose / Passion Coaching

I will actively listen to you and guide you on your journey by using tools designed to inspire you. I will question your hesitations and your deep sighs to help you come to a better understanding of yourself and your behaviors. It is YOUR decision to choose the life you want, and I would love to support you.

Creativity, General Life Coaching, Personal Growth, Purpose / Passion Coaching

By believing in you, I will encourage you to believe in yourself. I will provide accountability to move you forward.

Creativity, General Life Coaching, Personal Growth, Purpose / Passion Coaching

Ready for a New You? I am here to Guide You on Your Journey from Fear to Freedom.

Creativity, General Life Coaching, Personal Growth, Purpose / Passion Coaching

Do you have trouble speaking up for yourself? Would you like more possibilties and opportunities at work and in relationships with family and friends?Are you ready for a positive change in your life, if so, then I’m your coach.

General Life Coaching, Health and Wellness, Personal Growth, Purpose / Passion Coaching

Specializes in: Professional experience with conventional and alternative health care modalities as a nurse and Nurse Practitioner If all we have is the present moment, where will YOU find joy? Let’s explore that question together. I am currently accepting new clients for personal coaching. Email me with questions you may have about how to get started. May you walk with the Gentle Medicine of Peace and Freedom.

Business / Career, Empty Nester - Now What?, Purpose / Passion Coaching, Transition, Work / Life Balance

All of us have the ability to create career success, lasting relationships, financial freedom and vigorous health. All of us have the potential to find both fulfillment and contentment in life. But fear stands in the way. Most of us are not even aware of our fear – or how it stops us every day. Through the power of Fearless coaching, I can help you uncover the subtle ways that fear keeps you from moving forward – and I can teach you the skills to become your best and truest self.

General Life Coaching, Health and Wellness

My own life journey and my extensive training as a nurse and Coach offers my clients the support they need. As an experienced medical advocate I offer clarity to people with health challenges and life style blocks. I support people through the often very confusing medical world of doctor visits, diagnostic tests, medications, questions and fears. I offer a powerful, compassionate, safe place for my clients to find their own way.

Change, Coach the Coach, Creativity, General Life Coaching, Personal Growth, Purpose / Passion Coaching, Transition

Creative life coaching for the best YOU ever!

General Life Coaching, Personal Growth, Work / Life Balance

Take back your life by saying yes to coaching with me and you will learn how to create a life you love, and receive the tools and skills for a lifetime. Never be disempowered again!

General Life Coaching, Grief / Loss, Love Relationships, Purpose / Passion Coaching, Starting Over

Are you starting over in your life, or have a desire to, and aren’t sure what, how or where to begin? Dating again after divorce? Reeling from infidelity? Heartbroken … yet again and think that all men suck? Feeling lost, broken or stuck?

Business / Career, Corporate, General Life Coaching, Personal Growth, Work / Life Balance

What if you could feel excited about going to work on Monday? Have the ability to relate to and connect with anyone? I help driven professionals like you perform better at work and at home.

Change, General Life Coaching, Personal Growth, Self-Acceptance, Transition

How are you handling the change in your life? Does change motivate you and empower you? What would be possible for you if change were exciting?

Families and Children, General Life Coaching, Starting Over, Transition

Are you stuck in a mire of expectations and overwhelm, unwilling or unable to take risks? Are you ready for a change, yet unsure of the direction you want to take or how to get there? I can help you find, personalize and navigate your fearless path. Bypass confusion. Get your needs met. Create your future.

Creativity, Personal Growth, Purpose / Passion Coaching

There are amazing ideas going through your head, and I don’t think it’s any accident that you’ve found me. Together we can turn those burning desires into something tangible by pairing the art of timeless teachings with Fearless action. Do what you came to do. Create amazing things.

Business / Career, Health and Wellness

Are you living in someone else’s dream? Are you being told how to live? Are you ready to make a change? Are you willing? I’m living my dreams … and so can YOU! Through my coaching, I will help you change your MINDSET, your BELIEFS, your THOUGHTS, your FEELINGS and eventually achieve your RESULTS You don’t want me to be your coach; you NEED me as your coach!

Cancer Support, General Life Coaching, Grief / Loss, Health and Wellness, Mind - Body Connection, Starting Over, Transition

Have you or someone you love been diagnosed with cancer? I know first hand, as an Oncology Certified Nurse and a daughter (both parents had lung cancer) what a toll it can take on you and the entire family. Let’s work together to develop your emotional fitness so you can master anything in your life. Yes, even cancer!

Grief / Loss, Leadership, Personal Growth, Starting Over

Negotiating change during personal challenges, relationships, family, business and work environments. One thing we can count on is change! #ChangeHappens

Business / Career, Families and Children, General Life Coaching, Health and Wellness, Love Relationships

Let’s hatch! Break out of those shells of smallness and fear and become the Rock Star you are, shining bright!

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