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Martin Wenger

Advanced Certified Fearless Living Coach

Boulder Coloradoo

Advanced Certified Fearless Living Coach

Ready for a New You?
Are you ready for someone to listen to you intently?
Are you ready to be guided gently to fulfill your dreams?
Are you ready to be a participant in life?
Are you ready to be loved?
Are you ready to get the most out of your life?
Have you tried everything, but nothing has worked and you are feeling frustrated?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, let me be your guide as an Advanced Certified Fearless Living Coach with 16 years experience coaching people just like you.
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For the past 16 years, I have coached: teens, business owners, employees, managers, teachers, husbands, wives, and people just like you attempting to make sense of it all in this life to being successful and living a happy, joyful and fulfilled life.
Here are what a few of my coaching clients have to say:
-Tanya from Colorado
After several years on and off working with counselors, and not feeling I had gained any new experience or really resolving any issues. A friend told me to look into a life coach. My life coach, Martin referred me to read Fearless Living. Fearless Living allowed me to look at something the counselors prior had not. ME! My life coach did not assist me in resolving the issues, but looking more into myself to solve my issues. And I stumble at times, but I feel I have been given more tools to move forward in a more positive light, than one that further compounds the problem. I thank Martin, for his ongoing work with me, it’s more like having a friend to talk to who is objective, and non-judging, and when needed redirecting to the material in the book and to put work into the exercises. Thank you Martin.
– Lindsay from Wisconsin
I have worked with Martin off and on for the last 15 years. In the beginning we “met” once a week, by phone. I thought it was so strange, never actually seeing him or even knowing what he looked like, but his kind and compassionate manner instantly made me feel comfortable. I have cried with him, I have been angry, I have been overly cheery, I have said I would do something when I really knew I wouldn’t and always Martin has stood by my side, guiding me to my best self. I am not perfect. I am not “cured,” which is why I still ask for laser focused coaching or situational coaching to help me work through specific issues. What I have really taken away from my experiences and coaching with Martin, however, is a better sense of who I am. I am willing to accept myself more often than not and when I can step back from the emotion of a difficult situation I begin to reason through the issues and come up with ideas and strategies that help me feel empowered and strong yet loving and compassionate. I don’t need to tear others down just to build myself up. I now consider Martin to be a dear friend, although I’ve still never met him. He is kind and relatable and I believe his own life experiences have made him a better coach and person. He is a wonderful and professional life coach.

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