Martin Wenger
Advanced CFLC, CEO
Graduated 2002
Broomfield, Colorado USA

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helping boomers create healthier relationships and lifestyles, so they can enjoy playing with their grandkids, find all the fun retirement has to offer and experience a deeper love of life.

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Are you perplexed, where only a few years ago or was that a decade ago you had all the answers at work, for your children and for yourself?

And now as you are nearing retirement age, you may have a few or maybe many health challenges such as heart disease, cancer, or a memory issue; taking care of your aging parents because your siblings refuse or unable to; or raising your grandchildren because your children are too busy with their career. You are now unsure of how to even take care of yourself by taking a walk, eating a healthy meal, drinking water, or following the directions of your doctor.

What are your desires in this new phase of your life?

Travel to a tropical country for the winter and spend the cold months there?

New social or love relationships?

Move to a foreign country and learn a new language or practice the language that you learned so long ago?

Become healthier through exercising, following your doctor's orders, and starting a new eating regimen?

If these are questions that keep nagging at you day and night, let me be your guide in this exploration to discover ways to bring this joy, fun, happiness, and health into your life. I am an Advanced Certified Fearless Living Coach with 18 years of experience in coaching clients just like you.

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Graduate of

  • Fearless Living Training Program
  • Change Your Life in 30 Days
  • Fearless Foundation Workshop (FFW)
  • Fearless Conversations Workshop (FCW)
  • Pathway of Change (PCW)
  • Fearless Loving Workshop (FLW)