Marta Weiskopf
Master CFLC, Former Head Mentor of CFLC
Graduated 2011
Burbank, CA

Specializes In

Psychology, Holistic Health, Alternative Medicine, Transitions

Coach Profile

As a former caregiver for, and personal survivor of cancer, I have an understanding of the medical, emotional, and psychological conversations that arise during these stressful times.

I worked for the organization, Peace over Violence, (formerly known as Los Angeles Commission against Assault to Women, during my time there), supporting survivors of rape and domestic violence. With this organization I worked the rape and battering hotline, attended court hearings to support the survivor, and accompanied survivors through the medical process. I was also part of the team to educate future volunteers. This was a life altering education and experience in my life.

As a professional vocalist I perform with and help manage, a female a cappella quartet. We produced and recorded a CD, “Grace ~ Four Women Singing A Cappella, At Last.” Previously, I performed with the jazz quintet, Pacific Swingline, and various other groups in Los Angeles, Seattle, and Portland, as well as back up vocalist and commercial projects.

My journey as a Life Coach began assisting at workshops and working for BC Consulting in the mid-1990s. I went on to work with Paul Roth, a groundbreaker in the coaching world. I am a founding member of the Fearless Living Institute, working and coaching with Rhonda Britten, Fearless Living founder and CEO.

Currently, I have been exploring and further educating myself on ways to expand my private coaching practice to include working with families transitioning a senior family member from independent to dependent living. This can be a challenging time, as I well know from having taken that journey with my own mother.

I have a wide range of experiences in my life, personally and professionally to tap into as your Life Coach. I listen with compassion, supporting you to move forward in your life.

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