Marla Kostis
Graduated 2016
Mexico & Ontario, Canada

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Homeschoolers, Expats, Transition, Starting Over

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Are you stuck in a mire of expectations and overwhelm, unwilling or unable to take risks? Are you ready for a change, yet unsure of the direction you want to take or how to get there? I can help you find, personalize and navigate your fearless path.

As Rhonda says, "You. Are. Enough." Let me show you how to create the life you want. Each of us has a core fear; a thought that causes us to shy away from opportunities and that keeps us stuck in our comfort zone. I can help you identify your essential nature; that part of yourself that allows you to befriend your fear and move forward in freedom.

I'ma homeschooling mom, caregiver, and snowbird, who divides her time between Canada and Mexico. Formerly a Nursing Home Administrator, Executive Director of a charitable organization, and Educator, I have lived through many life changes. I am a mother to nine children, including several who are gifted and one who is mentally handicapped. Since 1997, I have also been caregiver, supporter and cheerleader to a spouse with a traumatic brain injury. Through it all, I have learned to be compassionate and nonjudgemental, while remaining tenacious and accountable to my own needs and those of my family.

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