Kirsten Willadsen
Graduated 2015
Southwest ON

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Dating with MS and Finding Your Soulmate

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Did you have an amazing full life before being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS)?

Is your ultimate dream to meet your soulmate?

Are you dating again after divorce or after he passed? Reeling from infidelity? Heartbroken...yet again after turning yourself into a pretzel just to 'get' a guy or please someone else?

I've had a lifetime of what I describe as 'going to graduate school for relationships' and following everyone else's dreams for my life instead of my own!
I've probably been where you are, and I get it!
I'll help you find your soulmate.

Would you love a soulmate who has a sense of humour? (Yet understands the seriousness of MS and dating?)

My specialty is dating with MS, a chronic illness. Helping you live your life to the fullest, and therefore finding your soulmate, just like I found mine! I am living proof.
He adores you and treats you like gold.

Your dreams in life and love Are possible!

Let's do this!!

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