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Is your teenager lacking direction, not seeming passionate about anything?  Has no idea if they want to go to college and it’s freaking you out?  I get it.  That was me with I graduated from high school.  I was aimless.  I just wanted to be happy, but like most young adults and adolescents, I was clueless in how to get there.  My self esteem was in the mud.  My confidence was non-existent.  I barely graduated from high school and I thought college was a pipe dream.
The choices I made to take me from dazed and confused to my “destination” of happiness took me down many challenging roads.  I became a massage therapist, transferred to a university in Southern California and went off to pursue my dream of becoming an actress.  Unfortunately, I was plagued with fear to audition for anything and continuously held myself back.  I spent eight years in Southern California when I could no longer pay for my rent and had to move back home to the Bay Area.  It was the low that changed my course; that’s when I discovered Fearless Living.
I soon stopped explaining myself to others and started being true to myself without apology.  I found out happiness was within me all along and not this destination I had to discover.  I learned skills and tools that built up my confidence and have inspired me to keep on going even when things don’t always work out as planned.
I want to work with teenagers and young adults because I know if I had these tools, knowledge and skills when I was a teenager I would have discovered faith in myself decades ago.  I would have stepped into the big world with confidence and the joy that I now have with me at my beckon call.  This work isn’t just for people who have lived their whole lives in fear; it’s for anyone who has ever felt timid, overwhelmed, stuck, frustrated and unsure.  Everyone deserves this chance.
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