"JJ" - Jennifer Joy Frederickson
Master CFLC, Mentor CFLC, Master CFT, Brain Health Coach, Certified Ho'oponopono Practitioner
Graduated 2008
Burlington, WI

Specializes In

Helping Creatives and Creative Entrepreneurs get out of their own way and make more money.

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If you have a creative vision or a calling, you're a Writer who's publishing her book or an Artist who wants to get a big commission. Maybe you're a Creative Entrepreneur or Coach ready to launch a new program or product. Or perhaps it's time to start podcasting or getting that Etsy store online

AND you're ready to be more visible and make more money with your gifts, you've come to the right place!

You're doing amazing work, yet the fear of rejection or failure, self-worth blocks, and guilt can keep a Creative in the shadows hiding out and playing small.

Selling feels awkward and you wonder if you're even good enough at what you do. You aren't sure how to market yourself. You might even resist telling others about your art, service, or business. Maybe you doubt yourself and procrastinate on taking the next step. Or you're worried that if you're successful, people will be mad that it takes you away from your other commitments.

If this sounds like you, you don't have to navigate those rough patches alone. I am a Master Fearless Living Coach and an Abundant Artist Mentor, and it's my mission to help Creatives and Coaches break through their fears and self-doubt so that they can experience abundance and success.

So if you're ready to step out of the shadows, I'm here to help you own your gifts and talent 110% so that you can express yourself freely in the world. I want to help you release low self-worth and guilt, get clear on how to create an authentic marketing message, and mostly I want you to get out there and get paid for your purpose!

I don't think it's an accident that you've found me. Together, we can bust through your fears so that you and your work can make an impact in your life and in the world! Schedule a Creative Spark Strategy Session to uncover your next step.

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Graduate of

  • Fearless Living Training Program
  • Change Your Life in 30 Days
  • Getting Your Needs Met
  • Stretch Risk or Die
  • Create A Year That Matters
  • Fearless Foundation Workshop (FFW)
  • Fearless Conversations Workshop (FCW)
  • Pathway of Change (PCW)
  • Change Your Life Workshop
  • Fearless Life Workshop
  • Fearless Loving Workshop (FLW)
  • Fearless Spirit Workshop