Erin Doolittle
Graduated 2017
Bolton, CT

Specializes In

Fearless Families, Relationship Issues, Addiction, Grief, LGBT-friendly

Coach Profile

My ideal client is willing to stretch the limits of their comfort zone and focus on growth, compassion, and self-examination.

I work extremely well with teens as well as adults. I am LGBTQ-friendly and embrace working with clients from all walks of life. My practice is focused largely on trauma, understanding/mastering fear, and mindfulness. I appreciate clients who are willing to try natural, homeopathic aids as well as those on a standard medication regimen. Trauma, divorce, teen issues, anxiety/depression and addiction are all part of my regular practice.

Fearless Living Life Coaching teaches how fear works, where it comes from, and how to master it. It can be applied to anyone, anywhere. Fearless Families is my newest, structured family program intended for anyone over age 13.

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