Debbie Vaillancourt
Advanced CFLC
Graduated 2006
Toronto, ON

Specializes In

Nursing, ICU, ER, Medical Background, Health Challenges

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I believe life is a gift. Yet, sometimes our stuff, or someone else's stuff, get's in our way and we don't know what to do or where to even begin. We can feel lost and alone. We beat ourselves up and put pressure on ourselves in all sorts of ways to get motivated yet end up often feeling worse.

Does this sound familiar? Do you want to change something in your life, yet don't know where to begin or what to do? Do you ever start to change something that's not working and then suddenly stop? Are you facing a health challenge/crisis and are frozen in fear?

I can support you. I can coach you through any challenge you are going through.

Coaching works. It worked for me. And as your coach, I will be right there with you in the safest place possible. We do the work together. No more excuses. No more waiting and hoping. You will begin to see opportunities and possibilities appear and I will be there to guide you along the entire way.

I am an Advanced Certified Life Coach supporting people who want more out of their life. People who are at times frustrated, overwhelmed, feeling that something has got to change and yet are not sure how or where to start. That's where I can help.

My own life journey and my extensive training as a nurse and Coach offers my clients the support they need. As an experienced medical advocate I offer clarity to people with health challenges and life style blocks. I support people through the often very confusing medical world of doctor visits, diagnostic tests, medications, questions and fears. I offer a powerful, compassionate, safe place for my clients to find their own way. What drives me as a Coach, what is pulsing inside of me is the knowing that no one ever has to settle.

Currently I coach privately with individuals, couples and groups. I work with people all over the world via phone, Skype and Face Time

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