Cori Rosenthal
Graduated 2011
Los Angeles, CA

Specializes In

Anxiety, Depression, Healthy Relationships, Self-care, Mindful Eating, Healthy Body Image

Coach Profile

Cori Rosenthal currently works at the Women's Clinic and Family Counseling Center, at Da Vinci high school through AUCC's school-based program and in private practice under supervision with Marnie Breecker, MFT. As a therapist Cori works with adults and adolescents and groups struggling with anxiety, depression, attachment issues, eating disorder and body image issues, codependence, trauma-related issues, grief and loss.

Cori received mindful eating teacher training from UC San Diego and offers corporate, small group and individual training in mindfulness and mindful eating. Prior to graduate school Cori was a life coach specializing in building a healthy relationship between food and body.

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