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Christi Malone Marshall



Certified Fearless Living Coach

Specializes In: Depression, Anxiety and Life Changes (Such as Divorce, Empty Nest Syndrome, Miscarriage & Loss, Starting a Career later in Life, and Midlife Evaluation)

Has depression ever kept you from engaging in your own life?
Has anxiety ever had you worrying so much that you felt paralyzed?
When you are in the midst of making life changes, do you often feel anxious and overwhelmed?
Do you ever feel that the inner chaos will always win out?
Do you crave the peace and inner joy that come with experiencing a deep soulful calm?
Before I became a coach and learned new ways to navigate through my life, my answer to all of these questions were YES. Now I live a much different life than those days past. As your coach, I will share transformational tools, guide you to find the soulful answers you seek, and support you along your journey.
I coach people that experience depression and anxiety that may also be navigating through life changes. I help them find clarity through the CHAOS and give them tools to obtain more CALM in their life. I believe your soul’s true intention is to live in the calm…Let me help you overcome the chaos that’s in the way.

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