Betsy Rosenfeld Vargas
Graduated 2007

Specializes In

Turning Off Negativity

Coach Profile

Betsy draws upon both her training, as well as her wide life experience as mother, wife, published author, dog rescuer and successful TV and film producer to help her clients see what is truly special about themselves.

As someone who herself struggled with being extremely self-critical, Betsy coaches people to turn off that negativity and stand in their own light so that whether in their business or personal life, they can thrive and live the life they deserve.

Betsy received her BA in Communications at The University of Pennsylvania's Annenberg School for Communications and her Masters Degree in Communications Management from USC's Annenberg School for Communications. She is trained in the Co-Active Method of Coaching, is certified as a Professional Life Coach from The Life Coach Institute of Orange County (an ICF recognized training facility) and proudly became a CFLA (Certified Fearless Living Associate) through the Fearless Living Institute in 2017.

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Graduate of

  • Fearless Living Training Program
  • Fearless Foundation Workshop (FFW)
  • Fearless Conversations Workshop (FCW)