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Kelly Fox

Let’s hatch!
Break out of those shells of smallness and fear and become the Rock Star you are, shining bright!

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Terry Sayre

Negotiating change during personal challenges, relationships, family, business and work environments.

One thing we can count on is change! #ChangeHappens

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Carolyn Maguire

Have you or someone you love been diagnosed with cancer? I know first hand, as an Oncology Certified Nurse and a daughter (both parents had lung cancer) what a toll it can take on you and the entire family. Let’s work together to develop your emotional fitness so you can master anything in your life. Yes, even cancer!

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Daniel Fung

Are you living in someone else’s dream? Are you being told how to live? Are you ready to make a change? Are you willing?
I’m living my dreams … and so can YOU!
Through my coaching, I will help you change your MINDSET, your BELIEFS, your THOUGHTS, your FEELINGS and eventually achieve your RESULTS

You don’t want me to be your coach; you NEED me as your coach!

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Jennifer Joy “JJ” Frederickson

There are amazing ideas going through your head, and I don’t think it’s any accident that you’ve found me. Together we can turn those burning desires into something tangible by pairing the art of timeless teachings with Fearless action.

Do what you came to do. Create amazing things.

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Marla Kostis

Are you stuck in a mire of expectations and overwhelm, unwilling or unable to take risks?
Are you ready for a change, yet unsure of the direction you want to take or how to get there?
I can help you find, personalize and navigate your fearless path. Bypass confusion. Get your needs met. Create your future.

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Sheri Petersen

How are you handling the change in your life? Does change motivate you and empower you? What would be possible for you if change were exciting?

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Vicki Garcia

What if you could feel excited about going to work on Monday? Have the ability to relate to and connect with anyone?

I help driven professionals like you perform better at work and at home.

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Kirsten Willadsen

Are you starting over in your life, or have a desire to, and aren’t sure what, how or where to begin? Dating again after divorce? Reeling from infidelity? Heartbroken … yet again and think that all men suck? Feeling lost, broken or stuck?

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Lorraine McCollum

Take back your life by saying yes to coaching with me and you will learn how to create a life you love, and receive the tools and skills for a lifetime. Never be disempowered again!

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Debbie Vaillancourt

My own life journey and my extensive training as a nurse and Coach offers my clients the support they need.
As an experienced medical advocate I offer clarity to people with health challenges and life style blocks.
I support people through the often very confusing medical world of doctor visits, diagnostic tests, medications, questions and fears.
I offer a powerful, compassionate, safe place for my clients to find their own way.

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