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Overcome Imposter Syndrome and Thrive In Your New Management Role

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You were a superstar individual contributor. And now you've been promoted to a people management role. The only problem is, you're suffering from Imposter Syndrome. You're worried you don't deserve, or haven't earned your title. You're afraid they're going to figure out you have no idea what you're doing.

Imposter Syndrome is making it impossible for you to enjoy your success. You're doubting yourself and know you aren't doing your best work. You're quietly suffering but you can't let on that you're worried. They'll think you aren't cut out for your role. Heck, you're worried you aren't cut out for your role. Your confidence has really taken a hit.

I have great news and not so great news for you. The great news is, you can absolutely eliminate self doubt, increase confidence, and lessen the hold Imposter Syndrome has on you. The not so great news is, you’ll need to get out of your comfort zone to do it. And there’s a pesky thing called FEAR guarding the exit.

Imposter Syndrome is based in fear. To put it simply, Imposter Syndrome is a fear of not being good enough and worrying everyone will eventually figure it out. We all deal with this fear to some extent and it shows up for each of us in different ways and in different situations.

Imposter Syndrome is just one of the many tactics fear uses to keep us in our comfort zones and not performing at our best. Fear is the gatekeeper of your comfort zone. There’s no way to step out of your comfort zone without moving through fear. That means, anytime you decide to go after something you want, change a behavior, push yourself a little, fear is going to come up.

One thing I know for sure: You can’t completely overcome Imposter Syndrome or master your emotional fears by yourself. Fear is tricky. It’s as smart as you, as evolved as you, and as determined as you. And especially when it comes to Imposter Syndrome.

I happen to be an expert on fear and Imposter Syndrome, and all the ways it messes with your head. I’m a Master Certified Fearless Living Coach and I’ve been helping people master their fears, overcome Imposter Syndrome, and achieve their goals, for over 12 years.

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