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Dating & relationships … the fearless way! Creating your dream life and relationship.

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Are you starting over in your life, or have a desire to, and aren’t sure what, how or where to begin? Dating again after divorce? Reeling from infidelity? Heartbroken…yet again and think that  all men suck? Feeling lost, broken or stuck?

I’ve had a lifetime of what I describe as ‘going to graduate school for relationships’, and following everyone else’s dreams … except my own.  I’ve probably been where you are, and I get it.

I was once the people pleasing ‘nice girl’ who didn’t know how to stay true to my boundaries … both in life and love. I constantly felt resentful because I settled for ‘crumbs’, and have turned myself into a pretzel just to ‘get’ a guy or please someone else. I’ve been married and divorced … twice. I have experienced affairs, infidelity, and verbal abuse.

When I learned how to Live and Love Fearlessly, that ALL changed. I went after my dream career, and also attracted an amazing man into my life. It was the healthiest, happiest relationship of my life! Then the police arrived at my door early one morning to tell me he had died suddenly. So I have experienced devastating loss and grief as well.

The biggest gift he gave me was to truly ‘know’ what a great relationship looks and feels like. And how to find one.

My passion is to help YOU create YOUR dream life, and find an amazing, happy, healthy relationship too!

I did it, and so can you! I promise that there is nothing wrong with you! You ARE worth it! Your dreams in life and love ARE possible!

With unconditional acceptance of you and your process, I’ll coach you to discover what’s keeping you stuck, and how to start showing up in the world as the incredible, empowered, confident woman you really are! In a way that is tailored specifically to you. You will have the tools, skills and confidence to create the life you want, and … the ability to choose a man who is a great fit for you!

As you do the work, I’ll have your back every step of the way, supporting you right into your ideal life and relationship!

Your life will change in major ways!

Are you ready?

Let’s. Do. This!


Central Canada


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