Kelly O'Keefe Voorhees
I am a Certified Fearless Living Coach and a Certified Fearless Trainer, having studied to be fearless with Rhonda Britten and the FLI Community since January 2017! I have been coaching since 2008 with RIHEL (the Regional Institute for Health and Environmental Leadership) in Colorado, and have additional coaching credentials. My formal career was as a scientist in public health for over 35 years. I now bring together my skills to create heath in body-mind-spirit as a master level Reiki practitioner to fearlessly support my clients in heart and soul.

Centennial, Colorado


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Helping you to master your fear of burning out at work and in your life by asking good questions that elicit knowledge, wisdom and strategies from you to rekindle joy in your heart and soul.

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Have you ever considered that you might be on the edge of burning out?

One definition even sounds like there is No Way Out: “A long-term stress reaction primarily seen in the human service profession resulting in depersonalization and reduced personal achievement.”

If you feel detached from coworkers, loved ones, and the people around you who used to bring joy into your life, I have great news!

You have the capacity and skills within you to create new connections within your body-mind-spirit, and live with more joy than you ever thought possible in your heart and soul. I help people move from fear of burning out into a place of mastery and possibility.

I have been there, and I can help you, too.

Centennial, Colorado


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