Jennifer Joy “JJ” Frederickson
Master CFLC, Mentor


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Creativity, Purpose/Passion, Personal Growth, Entrepreneur, Soul Coaching

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Do what you came to do.  Create amazing things.

If you have a vision - you want to write a book, launch a new business program, record podcasts, get that Etsy store online or something else entirely - you're in the right place at the right time.

There are amazing ideas going through your head, and I don't think it's any accident that you've found me.  Together we can turn those burning desires into something tangible by pairing the art of timeless teachings with Fearless action.

Schedule your free Spark Session if …

+  You want to harness your creative Spark at the soul level. Inspiration hits, but then you get blocked, distracted or stuck in the details — you feel trapped by your to-do list instead of having the freedom to find your creative flow.

+  You need accountability, which isn’t easy with other people and projects depending on you. You’re accountable to everyone else, and ultimately you want to be accountable to yourself.

+  You have a deep desire to express yourself fully — to claim the power of your creativity and live your purpose.

It's time to answer that calling!  Schedule your Spark Strategy Session today to get clear on how you can move forward with your creative work.


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