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The number one human desire is to connect with others. The importance and impact of our relationships with others demonstrates this on a daily basis... whether it be our relationship to self, an intimate one, a familial connection, friendship, or work related. 

Have you ever desired to connect more fully and authentically in a relationship? Or wondered what would be required to achieve that?

Can you remember a time when you reacted poorly in an important conversation and wished it had gone different?

Do you feel comfortable asking for what you need and want? Do you have that clearly defined for yourself?

Was there ever a situation where setting a boundary was necessary, but you just didn't know how to do that? Or if you did, were unable to follow through with it?

Are you clear on the ways you feel or receive love from others and confident in the ways you give love to others?

What I will work with you on achieving are the following:

*more masterful and mindful communication to create more open and honest relationships
*setting boundaries in order to create more trust and agreement
*discover what you need and want in your relationships and how to ask for it
*learn about your love history and how that impacts the way you give and receive love... and how to make any changes in order to feel more loved and loving

Connect with me today and let's begin working towards creating the relationships you desire in your life!
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