Barbara Franklin

Northern California


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Depression, life changes (retirement, divorce, empty nest syndrome, retirement, etc.). If you are ill, injured, or overall anxious or just don't feel like you belong.

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As an RN, I worked with the Mentally Ill, Developmentally Disabled, as well as Veterans. I’ve been a Case Manager, working with individual who were sick and injured. I supported them with their medical issues as well as their emotional ones, including depression, loss of identity and sometimes family, aging, and loss of income from illness as well as supporting whatever their needs. My experience as a Psychiatric RN and Nurse Case Manager, as well as my own personal journey taught me skills and knowledge about providing people with emotional support to move them forward. I added the tools that the Fearless Living Training Program taught me to become the best coach I can. I coach looking at the whole picture with my focus to support you, the individual. Do you ever feel "CRAZY"? CRAZY NOW CRAZY AFTER COACHING C Chaotic C Clearer R Restless R Resilient A Anxious A Authentic Z Zany Z Zestful Y Yo-Yo Y True You You will still be "CRAZY", but with positive changes. Find out how fear may be holding you back. I will partner with you to provide you with strategies and confidential support in moving forward in your life to embrace the "CRAZY" unique person you want to be. Ready to take the journey with me? Call me or send me a message. I create a safe and supportive space for you to connect with your true self. "No one can be fearless alone." - Rhonda Britten


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