How a Nurse Tripled Her Income And Found Her Voice Through Fearless You

The brief


Jessica wanted to be a travel nurse, but she was afraid people would be upset if she left her job. So she put her dream off to keep others happy.

The Approach

Using Fearless You

She learned to make choices that were best for her rather than do what everyone else wanted or expected of her.

The Solution

Successful Outcome

Jessica started a new career as a travel nurse. She tripled her income and feels a newfound sense of control over her life.

“I wanted to grab the reigns of my life...”

Jessica was a full-time nurse and student.

She dreamed about becoming a travel nurse. Though she never took the leap because she was afraid of what others might think.

She didn’t want to upset her manager or anyone else she worked with. So she stayed at her job to avoid rocking the boat.

Jessica had lived her whole life this way. She always did what others wanted rather than doing what was best for her. And she was sick of it. She wanted to pursue her dreams without letting the opinions of others stop her. As she says:

“I wanted to live my life out loud. I wanted to make choices that were best for me because most of my life has been spent doing things because other people wanted me to, and saying “yes” when I wanted to say “no.”

I wanted to grab the reigns of my life and make it what I knew it could be.”

Jessica shares her struggles before joining Fearless You.

“It helped me rediscover myself”

As this was happening, Jessica underwent weight loss surgery.

She lost 150lbs. And her rapid transformation led to body dysmorphia.

Jessica wanted to feel comfortable in her body again. When she saw Rhonda Britten’s free Fearless Body Challenge, she signed up.

Through the challenge, Jessica learned to separate who she is from how her body looks. And she gained a newfound love and appreciation for her body.

Once the challenge ended, Jessica heard about Fearless You. She thought it could help her gain the courage to go after her dreams, so she signed up.

“Fearless Body was so instrumental in [helping me] rediscover myself and my body that Fearless Yousounded like a no-brainer.”

Jessica’s body transformation.
18Jessica shares how the Fearless Body Challenge helped her.

“I learned to ask for what I need...”

Jessica had always been a people-pleaser.

She would say “yes” when she wanted to say “no” because she didn’t want to upset anyone.

So she would agree to things like dog sitting fora friend even though she didn’t want to. Or she’d work herself to exhaustion because she was afraid to ask for a break.

Then, inside Fearless You, she took a course on Getting Your Needs Met.

She learned to set boundaries and speak up for herself. So she could say “no” to dog sitting or take a break at work when she needed it.

Jessica was shocked to find that people weren’t upset when said “no.” Instead, they were inspired. They saw Jessica set boundaries and speak up for herself, and it made them want to do the same.

“The story I tell myself about what happens when I ask for what I need, 99% of the time, it’s not true or correct.

By asking for what I need, it shows people they can ask for what they need, too.”

See how Jess inspired her friends and family to speak up for their needs.

“I tripled my Income...”

Through Fearless You, Jessica realized it was up to her to create the life she wanted.

But she was afraid.

She was scared people would be upset if she became a travel nurse.

And she was afraid of the unknown.

Through Fearless You, Jessica got the tools to move past those fears. One thing that helped tremendously was the Fearless You community. Jessica knew the other members would support her decision to become a travel nurse. She knew that even if it didn’t work out, the members of the community would be proud of her for trying.

Knowing she had so many people in her corner gave her the courage to take the leap and become a travel nurse.

She now does that full-time, and she loves it!

Jessica makes 3X more than she did at her old nursing job. And that has led to a more peaceful and enjoyable life.

“I tripled my income by travel nursing.

It’s really nice to go to the grocery store or put gas in the car without having to check my balance first to know that I can fill the tank all the way up. ...

Buying a house, buying a car, paying off student loans --that all feels feasible now whereas before it didn’t.”

Jess shares how Fearless You helped her triple her income.

“There’s more growth to do...”

Changing careers was just the start.
Jessica is now looking to improve her life in other ways.
She knows that in order to grow in any area, you need to push yourself out of your comfort zone. And Fearless You has given her the tools and support to do that.
For example, she started dating again for the first time in years. And she’s learned to enjoy he dates rather than see them as a “waste of time” like she used to.
No matter what area of life she wants to improve, Jessica knows the training and community inside Fearless You will help her.

“Whatever I’m struggling with at any particular moment on any particular day, I know there’s something in Fearless you...that can support me.”

Jess shares how Fearless You helped her triple her income.
Jessica shares how she gets ongoing help with Fearless You.

“I know who I am and that I can achieve my dreams”

Through Fearless You, Jessica has taken control of her life.

She stopped people-pleasing and started to speak up for herself.

And she gained the confidence to achieve her dreams.

That’s led her to triple her income and step into a new career she loves.

Jessica also lives with a newfound sense of peace. Because she now makes decisions based on what she wants, rather than letting the thoughts and opinions of others control her life.

“I know if I’m coming from a place of freedom and wholeness and peace,then I’m making the right decision for myself regardless of what anyone may think or feel.”

Jessica shares how life has changed since joining Fearless You
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Ready to get Fearless like Jessica

Take control of your life by joining Fearless You today!

If you want to take control of your life, join Fearless You today.

You’ll learn how to step into your true self, make your voice heard, and get the confidence to achieve your dream --just like Jessica did.

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Watch Jessica’s Full Interview

Watch Matt’s full interview with a Fearless You team member below. In it, you’ll discover:


How Fearless You helped Jessica show up as her authentic self right away


The in-person Fearless You event that helped her take control of her life


How Jessica found the courage to start dating after joining Fearless You

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Using Fearless You

It’s like being held in a warm hug while on an accelerated path of growth because you’ll be surrounded by people who "get it." Best of all, they will support you and hold you accountable when you need it.

As a member of Fearless You, be ready to feel renewed, reenergized, and resourced in ways you never imagined possible.

  • Take stretch, risks and dies to increase your confidence expotentially
  • Feel seen for who you really are and yes, be respected, loved and appreciated too
  • Take back your power and live the life you’re soul intended.
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What Can You Expect

Upgrade Every Area of Your Life

When you join Fearless You, you gain access to a one-stop-shop with everything you need to master fear and build unshakable confidence.
Our work together will be like having me as your Life Coach for a year. We’ll hone in on one key life area after another. And help you make massive life transformations every month.
  • Monthly Live Trainings and, get your questions answered too
  • Access to Certified Fearless Living Coaches
  • Never feel alone again because you’ll be surrounded by support
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Catapult Your Confidence, and Live the Life Your Soul Intended Within 30 Days Through Fearless You

After 25 years coaching Olympic athletes, Hollywood celebrities, 8-figure CEOs, and best-selling authors…

…Emmy-Winning Life Coach Rhonda Britten is giving you ALL her best secrets to help you build lasting confidence and unleash your authenticity. So you can:

  • Find and live your purpose
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  • Master your fears and live the life your soul intended
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