How A Former Teacher Found Her Purpose And Launched A Business By Mastering Her Fear

The brief


Maxine didn’t feel satisfied with her teaching career. She felt like there was something more out there for her, she just didn’t know what that was.

The Approach

Using the Fearless Living Training Program

She discovered how fear kept her trapped in an unfulfilling life. And she learned how to master fear and finally tap into her purpose in life.

The Solution

Successful Outcome

Maxine not only found her purpose, she gained the courage to pursue it. She launched an online boutique selling women’s clothing and loves what she does.

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“I was very unsatisfied with my life...”

Maxine Kim spent 10 years working as a CPA.

She was miserable working in that office and eventually became a teacher. Yet that didn’t fulfill her either.

She was searching for something that would satisfy her. Though she didn’t know what that was. And she was afraid to branch out and try anything new. As she says:

“I was very unsatisfied with my life. I was teaching English in Korea but did not feel fulfilled or satisfied.

I wanted to do something that made me happy but didn’t know what I wanted to do”

Maxine shares her struggle before joining Fearless Living

“This is what I’ve been searching for...”

Maxine turned to various personal development books for help.

She got lots of great insights from them, yet those books never lead to any real change. She felt stuck and didn’t know what to do.

Then Maxine came across Fearless Living. Right away, it resonated with her. She knew that to step out and live a better life, she had to overcome the fear holding her back.

So Maxine began to go through the Fearless Living Training Program (FLTP).

“I saw ‘Fearless Living’ and knew that’s what I needed. I needed to become fearless.”

Maxine shares how all the personal development books didn’t help her

“My real problem was fear...”

One of the biggest lessons Maxine got from the course was how fear tricks us.

For example, Maxine’s father was verbally and emotionally abusive. So she blamed her struggles in life on him. She thought that if she had a better upbringing, she would be more confident and know what she wanted to do with her life.

While her upbringing did have a big impact, Maxine realized she was using it as an excuse.

It was easier to sit back and blame her father than to step out of her comfort zone and find a new career she loved.

It was her own fear, not her upbringing, that kept her stuck. Once she realized that, she stopped blaming her parents for her problems and started to take control of her life.

“[Before Fearless Living] I wasn’t taking ownership of my life. I thought that I am who I am, and I was where I was because of my dad and his verbal abuse. I wasn’t able to see that my fear was the problem.

At the end of the day, you’re the one who makes the choices. You have to stop making excuses and make a choice to do things you want.”

Maxine shares how she discovered fear was her problem

“Fearless Living helped me heal...”

Maxine had a lot of emotional baggage from her upbringing.

She had a lot of anger and feelings of not being good enough because of how her father treated her.

Through the course, she learned to let go of that anger and pain through a forgiveness exercise.

At first, she didn’t want to forgive her father. After all, she had good reason to be angry with him. Yet she realized her anger wasn’t serving her. And she followed the step-by-step system in the course for letting her anger and pain go.After doing this, she became lighter and more positive. And her relationship with her father transformed. She was able to be warm and positive around him. And that led him to be warmer and more positive toward her.

“I felt like a weight had been lifted... this emotional gunk had been released...
Now, I’m more relaxed, happy, and at peace. It’s hard to have a happy life when you hold grudges and are bitter.”
Maxine shares how she learned to let go of her anger

“I learned to follow my intuition”

Maxine became a CPA and a teacher to make her parents happy.

She didn’t love teaching or accounting. She was simply afraid of upsetting her parents. And that led her down these career paths her parents approved of yet did not satisfy her.

She didn’t realize this when she took those jobs. Yet through the course, Maxine realized those decisions and many others were driven by fear.

From there, she learned steps to ignore fear and get in touch with her intuition.

This allowed her to stop living her life based on what others thought she should do. Instead, she was free to live the way she wanted.

“Following my intuition gives me a sense of peace.... It has given me the courage to take risks to do things I want to do.

I don’t know what will happen a month or year or five years from now. But I have a feeling everything will be okay if I follow my intuition.”

“Fearless Living gave me the courage to step into the unknown”

By ignoring fear and listening to her intuition, Maxine finally got in touch with her purpose in life.

As a kid, she was interested in fashion. Yet she never did anything with that interest.

Now, however, she realized she wanted to open an online boutique and sell women’s clothing.

Of course, she still immediately felt afraid. After all, she didn’t know anything about opening an online store. And she never saw herself as an entrepreneur.

Yet using the tools from Fearless Living, she overcame that fear and trusted she could figure it out.

Within a few months, Maxine launched her online store. And she LOVES it.

“Fearless Living gave me the courage to step into the unknown.

It gave me the courage to go after my dreams and do what I want. And I found something I’m passionate about and gets me jumping out of bed in the morning”.

Maxine shares how she found her purpose

“Fearless Living gives you the courage to have the life you want”

Before FLTP, Maxine felt unfilled and stuck in her life.

Yet through the program, she found her purpose and got the courage to pursue it.

If you’restruggling to find and follow your purpose, Maxine says FLTP can help you.

“Fearless Living will take you down a path in life that’s more fulfilling, and you can live your greater purpose.”

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Watch Jeff’s Full Interview

You can see Jeff’s full interview with one of our Fearless Living Team Members here:

In this interview, you’ll discover:


How Jeff learned to invest in himself


How Jeff now helps other people master fear with his coaching


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Using the Fearless Living Training Program

You can absolutely transform your entire life and how you feel about yourself when you finally understand how fear works, and more importantly, how to break through the tricky, invisible fear that’s been holding you back.

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What Can You Expect

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I coach you through dozens of breakthrough strategies and extremely powerful insights so you not only understand how fear works, but you also know how to process it differently and yes, master it.

  • Work with a Coach to Identify your unique "Wheel of Fear" and "Wheel of Freedom"
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