Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve been able to chat…but I have that nasty flu that is going around. It has been courting me since I got home from my retreat the first week in January so …I kept it at bay for a while but it finally got it me!

But it doesn’t matter how sick I am……life does not stand still….so the good news is:

I’m on the Radio again….another audition…..yeah!
TUESDAY, January 30th
9 am – Noon Pacific Time
If you remember, I flew to LA in December to ‘audition’ for Greenstone Media. It is a new radio media company that is headed up by Gloria Steinman and Jane Fonda. They want to make a dent in the radio world with powerful woman radio hosts.

It is super cool to be part of the legacy of those two women. And they don’t want to be just political so that is good news for yours truly.
Well, they have called me to LA again to do it one more time…

This time, I am will be doing a slightly different format AND I would love your support calling in…see below for times and number….

And again, thank you…last time, with all of your support, we jammed the call lines…they had to STOP accepting calls so many of you took time out of your day to call-in.

THANK YOU! Because of your support, I was able to do what I do best…coach! And now, let’s do it again….

Tuesday, January 30th…CALL IN NUMBER: 1-877-476-7469

Pacific Time – From 9 am – 10 am…I will be talking to THREE WOMEN who will be discussing the pros and cons of singlehood and why it is more appealing now than ever. If you have something to contribute to this conversation or just want to chime in, call during this hour!
Pacific Time – From 10 am – 11 am…I WILL BE TAKING ONLY CALL-INS…so this is when I need your support more than ever. Call with an actual challenge and don’t identify yourself as a friend or coach. Be yourself.
Pacific Time – From 11 am – noon….I will be meeting with a woman who won 740K and I will be bringing a financial expert on with me CHELLIE CHAMPBELL…who is a friend and she rocks! So if you have financial questions, call during that hour and Chellie (and I will add my two cents) will be able to help you!

Call in number: 1-877-476-7469.
If you can’t call in…listen in…and if you can’t listen in…the link will be available to you to listen to over the next couple of weeks…so listen if you can…
I appreciate your continuous support! You make all the difference to me…thank you!

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